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MisCon has only ever needed a small group of qualified volunteers as a security force to meet all of our security and liability issues. In fact, this small group of volunteers also provides information and directions to attendees, guests, and those outsiders who are present, but not familiar with MisCon.

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The reason we have a security force at MisCon is many faceted. The first and foremost is protecting the convention from liability. This is done by keeping the con-goers: merchants, pro's, and attendees, from committing acts which either hurt themselves, or others, or may go against laws within the convention, hotel, city, state, and/or country. Most of this behavior results from lack of fore-thought, and/or thought in general. Secondly, being that security personnel are always visible during the convention; security also acts as informative and helpful liaisons from the convention so please feel free to approach them at any time. Security also liaises with the hotel front desk for the convention; constantly making sure there can be an immediate mitigation of the hotel's concerns.

The most direct "security" type issue security deals with is within the merchants room. It is security's responsibility to protect the integrity of the room while it is closed at night, as well as to intercept thieves and volatile potential purchasers before, during, and after vending hours.

Due to the nature of the convention and its participants, it is not uncommon for non-convention personnel, such as guests of the hotel and visitors to those guests, to intermingle with the convention. Security must make sure participants of the convention are paying attendees. This is due to tax laws covering the convention. Further more security ensures neither the con-goers nor the "normal" people bother each other. Lastly as is the nature of MisCon, security is also very sparingly called on to act as Cthulhu Bob's special errand persons. A small volunteer force is all MisCon has needed in the past, and hopefully all it will need in the future.


The conduct of security personnel for MisCon can be broken down into two categories. Those are general and on-duty. It is generally expected that all personnel will act in a kind, courteous, helpful, and yet professional way while representing the convention. Professionalism is key to maintaining order at the convention.

While on-duty, personnel are further expected to be sober, restrained, and as attentive as possible. It may be necessary to be slightly aggressive or imposing in some situations. Security personnel, generally, are acting in the best interest of the convention at all times while on-duty.

As to the use of the two way radios at the convention; even with privacy codes and forty channels to choose from, people can and will be listening in to our radio traffic thus etiquette is very important. Again, professionalism is paramount. Codes must be used, as well as call signs. Limit all chatting and messing around on the radios.


As of MisCon 20 security will be broken into two levels within the force. The main force will consist of the seasoned members of the teams (known as the Squid Squad), and each one of those will be paired with a volunteer member (further hence referred to as the Mook Squad). The reason for the division of the force is to better make use of volunteers who wish to assist on the security squad. This will also allow us to not have as long a shift for each of the members of the teams. It is assumed that the Squid Squad will work more often and longer than any volunteer member. Future Squid Squad spots will be recruited out of the Mook Squad of the previous year. All Squid Squad members will have previous service as a security volunteer at MisCon. Any and all exceptions to these rules must be petitioned by two or more of the following; the head of security, the president of the convention, or the convention committee.


There is a dress code for all security personnel at MisCon, with the exception of members of the team who are also working other official jobs within the convention. For the Squid Squad Members there are two variations of the uniform. In the first variation personnel will wear black convention issue security shirts tucked into black six pocket BDU pants with a black belt. They will also be wearing black boots with at least 8 inch sides. In the second variation, personnel will be wearing a black Under Armour style shirt tucked into a black Utilikilt style kilt. The model of which is up to discussion with the head of security. They will also be wearing a black belt, black socks, and black "combat" boots. Again, the actual style of boot is subject to discussion with the head of security. As for a jacket it is recommended personnel purchase a black four pocket BDU shirt for this purpose. All personnel will be issued, or will provide their own personal FRS and sub-channel friendly, two way communication device with an ear bud. It is also recommended that they bring sun glasses, a flashlight, and a time keeping device. Other necessary items may or may not be issued by the convention, depending on availability and affordability. Again any alterations or exceptions to the dress code must be cleared with the head of security before the convention.

For the volunteer members (members of the Mook Squad) there still is a dress code. All volunteers who wish to join must have with them black pants, black shoes/boots, a black belt and black socks. They will be provided a MisCon security t-shirt to wear while on duty. It is also recommended that they bring their own sunglasses, flashlight, and time keeping device.

No member of the security team is to carry any weapon; concealed or open; without express permission from the head of security. This is to include, but is not limited to Tazers and other conducted energy weapons, mace or pepper spray, swords, guns, etcetera. If any personnel have questions as to if an item is a weapon, they should contact the head of security.

If there are any questions, please contact the head of security via e-mail at security@miscon.org.

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