28 Years Later

MisCon 28 Theme

The Resistance and the Illuminati have been battling in the shadows since before MisCon 1, and even though the Resistance fought valiantly at MisCon 27, the Illuminati still managed to unleash an experimental virus upon the convention. After consulting with scientists, seers, and sages, we've learned the virus has a one year incubation time and will reach outbreak levels in May 2014.

But never fear!

Our mad scientists are working on a cure--they assure us they'll find some way to save us all so we don't need to be quarantined at MisCon: 28 Years Later.

Will you be a valiant hero, fighting to save Ruby's Inn from the zombies? Will you be a mad scientist? A G-Man intent on containing the threat? Will you succumb to the pandemic and become a mindless cannibal? If so, will you be fast or slow?

When you're working on costumes, panel ideas, game scenarios, and trying to decide who to eat, think about contagion, pestilence, cannibalism, outbreaks, the black plague, and of course, zombies.

Put on your biohazard combat suit and get ready for

MisCon: 28 Years Later

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