Young Artist Show

This young artists art show within the MisCon art show allows many of MisCon's next generation to show what they can do.

These spawn of MisCon staff and attendees have grown up around the sci-fi fantasy convention atmosphere are very gifted, and may feel left out of many con events. Well, the Young Artist Show gives them an outlet for their talents and a healthy dose of Con involvement. The Con has been giving them a creativity boost, now let's see them in action.

Young artist's art will be broken down by age group and category. The age groups are eight to twelve, thirteen to sixteen, and seventeen to nineteen. The themes are Science-Fiction, Fantasy, and Mixed.

Young artists may specify their art for sale by completing an art bid sheet and specifying the minimum bid and direct sale prices. young artists who wish to sell their art must also complete a MisCon Master Control Sheet. All proceeds from the sale of work in the Young Artist Show go directly to the artist. MisCon does not take a commission on the sale of youth art.

Young Artist Show Rules

  1. Age groups:
    8-12, 13-16, 17-19
  2. Category must be specified:
    Sci-fi, Fantasy, and Mixed
  3. Size Limit:
    No larger than 11x18
  4. Quantity:
    One piece per artist per category
  5. Sale:
    Art may be authorized for sale or auction only by the artist for the amount they specify.
    Items for sale must be accompanied by an art bid sheet and a MisCon Master Control Sheet
  6. Preparation:
    Art must be prepared for hanging or standing display, i.e. matted, framed or self-supporting.
  7. Duration:
    Please notify when your items will be delivered and how many total pieces you have.
    Art must be displayed through Monday morning unless prior arrangements are made with Heidi Carstens-Bennett or CthulhuBob Lovely.

Items entered in the youth Artist Show are not judged or critiqued. These items are displayed to show the great upcoming artists in our midst. We encourage all MisCon attendees to stop by the art room and view the young artist's work. Remember, some of this work may be available for you to purchase in the art auction and all of this work is worth viewing. Come and encourage these aspiring artists to continue their work and hone their skills.

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