MisCon 28 ConCom Meetings

June 19, 2013, 7:00 PM


Justin Barba, Amy Farrington, Keith Seyffarth, Holly Freydenlund, Amber Edwards, Seth McClain, David Veto, Becky Harouz, Sherrill Brown, Stewart Fleming, Joe Taylor, Susanne Caro, Jon Caro, Michael Greytak, Dylan O'Leary, Earl Smith, Paul Weitzel, Nicole Harwood, Mariah Leder, Jeff Roper, Josh Tucker, Justin Farrington, Henry Edwards, Jasper Farrington, Bridger, Caleb Sperry

Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM on June 19, 2013.

Key Items

No key items, you'll have to read the report...

New Business

-Ruby's BBQ.
JB - Next meeting, July 17, will be a BBQ thrown by Ruby's.

-Email to attendees with survey link.
AF - Send out a mass email to attendees for survey their experiences.
-Gaming survey.
JT - Pre-reg for MisCon discount? Are we ready for pre-reg? AF - let's wait until after Game Day to get responses back from main survey. Get survey ideas/improvement suggestions on the meeting suggestions.

*Web Site*
-Review your department information and send update requests to Bob N. and Keith by next meeting.
AF - Program content comes from department web page, please go in and check department web page and make sure it is up-to-date. Take a look and update, send updates to Bob & Keith. JB - Try to get Web and Schedule started early.

-Summer Game Day update/logistics.
SF - Where are we on food/room layouts. JB - Room Layout is something we need to discuss. No panels this time. Should have game library in the Boardroom NH - Was thinking about providing food. SB - Fruit Roll-ups and soda are leftover. JT - Could have snacks in the Boardroom. ML - Hours for gameday? JT - 10a-10p. HE - We can pre-set stuff up on the loading dock, etc. ML - Do we want Josh Kyle to take photos? JB - He only gets so many weekends off.
JB - These are underway, Patrick is working on this, just finished flyer.
JT - People to help? We need one person to man the library and sell snacks. Staff two at a time.
-Barnes and Noble event?
SF - Where are we with this? JB - Talked to them, probably a Summer one would not be as effective, willing to give us time around Thanksgiving or Christmas, but first one will be August or September.
AF - Any planned games? SF - Will have one Pathfinder? AF - Suggests putting it on the Facebook group. The main page.

-Art boards, old and new, what do we want to keep and do we need to buy more of for the new ones?
HE - Back of shed is full of art boards. What to keep what to get rid of? 11 of the short boards were what was used last MisCon. HF - May need it, she would like to view at what's in the storage unit.

-ML - Work Day before the next game day? AF - What are we trying to accomplish? ML - Getting stuff done, Deco and Volunteers. NH - Wanted to meet with Hospitality team.

-JB MisCon fun ConCom events. BBQ at JB's house.
-AF - Think about agenda items now for next meeting. Dept. heads can review web page, think of agenda items and document their department needs. JB - You can also update your own profile on the website, please check the website. AF - KS, can you email ConCom to start?
JB - Going to keep using Google Docs, going to expand JB's personal dropbox to get 100GB to have all of the design stuff and other items in there. Useful for Game Day fliers and such.

Old Business

No Old Business

Tabled Items

No Tabled Items

Collaboration and Brainstorming

-Any gaming team needs for Game Day are a priority.
-Amy meet with Beth to talk about program.
-Amy/Mariah schedule time to meet about volunteer needs and schedules for M28.

*Executive Assistant*
-I would like to collaborate with Marketing, and a collaboration with Hospitality team.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM.

The next ConCom meeting is scheduled for July 17, 2013. If you have items for the agenda, please email them to secretary@miscon.org.

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