MisCon 28 ConCom Meetings

September 18, 2013, 7:00 PM


Justin Barba, Amy Farrington,Justin Farrington, Jasper Farrington, Marc Johnson, Stewart Fleming, Joe Taylor, Bridger England, Brandon Bryant, David Veto, Keith Seyffarth, Jon Caro, Susanne Caro, Dylan O'leary, Holly Frydenlund, Michael Greytak, Jeff Roper, Amber Edwards, Henry Edwards, Mariah Leder, Nicole Harwood, Becky Harouz, Earl Smith

Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM on September 18, 2013.

Key Items

No key items, you'll have to read the report...

New Business

- J.B. and A.F. working on creating concom and volunteer policies to ensure behavoir. It will be a document that requires a signature. They are also working on creating a Security structure. Once created they will share the structure with key people in order to get feedback.

-J.B. will start getting schedule team together to start schedule. J.B. and N.H will email pros and panelists in order to get concrete replies on attendance for the con. Knowing who will be attending will allow planning ahead for panels.

-Concom are encouraged to email J.B. or N.H if their are any pros that they would like to see an invitation to attend extended to.

-Towards the end of October (possibly 10/19 or 10/20) we are looking to have a MisCon work day. D.O. has ten computers that were donated and needs to have help cleaning them and cloning hard drives onto them. The computers would be used for con. Radios will also be brought in to work on and any other work for respective departments that needs to be done. J.B. will call Vicky to discuss availability.

-M.L. brought up discussion on theme team. We also have leftover dossiers that just need to be completed that could be incorporated to game or theme. H.F. suggested modifying to be CVC files.

-J.F. will be in charge of Theme Team and will report to J.B. so far participants for team are H.F., M.L., A.E., N.H., B.H., M.J., J.T., B.E., B.B.

- M.L. and N.H. will price the cost of making soap or candles that could be sold at MisCon, and will also price smaller hygiene posters to be sold.

-J.R. and K.S. working on getting Merchants page on website updated.

-H.F. asking to be contacted if anyone has ideas of what they would like to see at the Masquerade ball at the con. Possibly will be located outside rather than indoors if weather permits.

-H.F. also suggested having a VIP cocktail lounge for pros in the Green Room. It was suggested turn meet and greet with the GoH's to the Reception party.

-Per J.B. C.C suggested moving drinking area to incorporate some of the areas downstairs as well. Party rooms get too crowded and over heated as well as balcony. N.H. likes idea because would generate more business towards Hospitality which will be relocated potentially to 162. Possibly extend smoking section as well.

-J.B. stated that there will be a cut off of 2 AM for sound for room parties.

-Security will have vests. It will also be divided between day shift and night shift. E.S. will be in charge of Day shift and M.F. will be in charge of Night Shift. Room 233 will be reallocated to being the Tech ops central. Ops will also be in charge of radios.

-K.S., Tim, B.B, and D.O. will get security system tested

-We will not provide rooms for other cons to visit. They will have to pay for their own rooms the same as concom does. A.F. explained that they are working on fixing inequality issues, and issues with attitudes. Violation of rules can lead to being banned from the con.

-A.F. and M.L to work on realistic scheduling. Working with different departments to make sure that volunteers and concom are being scheduled in the best manner possible.

-M.L., E.S., and M.F. will get together soon in order to discuss Security Schedules.

-M.L. requesting feedback by end of Oct. regarding volunteers and what is needed so can improve upon system.

Old Business

-B&N Book fair is Saturday 9/21.contact J.T. if you need anything from the Game library.

-We will have information tables where we will discuss information regarding cons, will have kids activities from 12-3 and will be playing games from 10-6. It will be impossible to find out exactly which games they have in the store at this point, due to store merchandise change so we will bring whatever games we want. Any proceeds that we get will go towards volunteers and other prize support.

-B&N December Book Fair will have more activities. Wear costumes, and possibly have MisCon gift certificates available for purchase.

-A.F. clarified with B&N on what we can say. We cannot harass customers. We can give information, but we want to make sure that we stay professional.

-Sunday 9/22 A.F. will release code so that MisCon members can use the code for online purchases from 9/22-9/26. MisCon will receive profit from that. If a customer purchases item and says they are there for MisCon and returns same day. That amount is taken out of MisCon profit. There will be cards with the codes on them so customers coming in can use, but cashiers will all have them at the counter so all customer needs to do is say that they are there because of MisCon.

-PA systems can be worked on.

-M.J. returned checkbook, and other financial tools to J.B. Treasurer only directly has access for 4 months around the time of the con.

-M.J. explained about profits from using card swiping on phones. Will look into it more. N.H. asked if could be used for Hospitality with a $5 minimum purchase. It would raise sales. It will be looked into.Different payment types were discussed, but for our purposes phone system is preferable.

Tabled Items

No Tabled Items

Collaboration and Brainstorming

Hospitality met with Treasurer regarding purchasing receipts from Sysco.
Volunteers met with Design regarding Volunteers passports.
Treasure met with Film Festival.
Hospitality and Volunteers met with Kid's Activities regarding 9/21 kid's activities.
Design met with Chair regarding Game Day posters and T-shirt ideas.
Security met with Chair.
Tech met with Treasurer.
Costuming met with Treasurer regarding costume contest money.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15 AM.

The next ConCom meeting is scheduled for October 2, 2013. If you have items for the agenda, please email them to secretary@miscon.org.

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