MisCon 28 ConCom Meetings

April 9, 2014, 7:00 PM


Justin Barba, Keith Seyffarth, Stewart Fleming, Bill Singletary, Mariah Leder, Henry Edwards, Amber Edwards, Seth McClain, Jeff Roper, Joe Taylor, Nicole Harwood, David Veto, Bridger, Michael Greytak, Earl Smith, Jon Caro, Marc Johnson, Beth Aronoff

Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM on April 9, 2014.

Key Items

No key items, you'll have to read the report...

New Business

-Reg when is last day to Pre-reg?
Will email when pre-reg is closed.
-Reg need Pre-reg t-shirt numbers.

-Where are we on getting the Paizo guys confirmed? Stewart has not received a schedule of their events and which GMs and Pros are coming. - Justin and Stewart already discussed.

-Worked out Peter Kent and Steven Erikson travel plans.
-Bumped into Dustin from hotel. Keeping costs down.
-Met with Michael and his work regarding t-shirt design. Jeremy got t-shirts ordered, with proofs on the way for us to check out.
-Justin will not be able to attend next ConCom meeting. -NorWesCon is next week.
-Not going to be a tent in the programming area. Have a new tent configuration.
-Not going to have free coffee during the day.

*Program Book*
(Beth) Asking about raffle items that CthulhuBob need photographed. Anyone know where they are?

(Michael) If you need anything from Michael, please email him or call him if you need an update.

Old Business

No Old Business

Tabled Items

No Tabled Items

Collaboration and Brainstorming

*Volunteers* (Mariah)
-Security meeting during collab.
-Volunteer to meet with Amy.
-Volunteer to collab with Justin B. to go over schedule.

-Chair final t-shirt numbers, if Reg is there with numbers.

-Collaborate simultaneously with Amy and Michael regarding raffle rules and poster.
-Collaborate simultaneously with JB and Amy regarding raffle drawing time.

-Collab with Set-up/Tear-down and Chair.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM.

The next ConCom meeting is scheduled for April 16, 2014. If you have items for the agenda, please email them to secretary@miscon.org.

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