MisCon Quarterly Game Day

MisCon holds a Game Day four times a year in Missoula, Montana. These events offer attendees a range of activities, including board, role-playing, console and computer games. All games are provided by our attendees and volunteers, so the selection changes every time. Everyone is welcome to bring old favorites or that new game they've been wanting to try.

These quarterly events are free and open to the public. Come when you have time, play a few games, and socialize with your old MisCon friends and make some news ones.

MisCon 2014 Summer Game Day

MisCon's next Game Day, the MisCon 2014 Summer Game Day, is scheduled for Saturday, July 12, 2014 at Ruby's Inn and Convention Center on Reserve St.

But First, MisCon 28, May 23-26, 2014!

Bring your games, bring your friends, and lets have some fun. Email the MisCon Gaming Team if you have a game you want to schedule, or if you just want to let us know you're coming!

Submit Your Game for the next MisCon Game Day!

Email the Gaming Team gaming@miscon.org if you want to schedule a game. We can schedule a table and advertise it here on the MisCon website.

MisCon Game Library

With the purchuse of Jonathan Crummett's game collection the MisCon Game Library has vastly expanded.

The purpose of the MisCon Game Library is to provide games which can be run for Members at MisCons, or MisCon Game Days. Naturally it's easier to run games from the Library if you know which games we have. You can browse our list of games at the web site boardgamegeek.

MisCon Gameday Map

MisCon 2014 Spring Game Day

The MisCon Spring Game Day on March 8, 2014 was another great event.

There were about 80 people in attendance with games going constantly from 10AM until after 10PM. There were even several marathon games, Shadowrun 5th Edition (Catalyst Game Labs), Star Wars d6 (West End Games) and Firefly: The Game (Gale Force Nine, LLC), taking as much as 8 hours. People traveled from as far away as Butte, Helena, and Great Falls (possibly further) to attend and run games! Hotel owner Lou even stopped in to say "Hi!" and make sure things were going well!

Author, and Game Designer, Jeffrey Siebrecht Demoed his Game, Warp Lane.

Michael Ulanski Demoed INFINITY, a tabletop skirmish game, with Manga aesthetics (CORVUS BELLI).

Jeff Wilson Demoed a table-top RPG system he is designing, tentatively named "IxKenDren (A Feudal World of Sword and Sorcery)".

Fenris Ulfhamr returned to Demo the Necro/Steampunk Miniature Wargame, Warmachine (Privateer Press).

Other games included Pathfinder Society (Paizo), King of Tokyo (Iello), Simpsons Monopoly* (Hasbro), Minotaurus* (Lego), Star Wars: X-Wing Miniature Game (Fantasy Flight Games), Magic the Gathering CCG (Hasbro), Munchkin* (Steve Jackson Games), Origo* (Parker Spiele), Cthulhu Dice* (Steve Jackson Games), Betrayal at House on the Hill* (Hasbro), Redneck Life (Gut Bustin' Games), Sword Land RPG, Warhammer (Games Workshop Ltd.), Zombie Dice (Steve Jackson Games), Candy Land* (Hasbro), Hey, That's My Fish* (Fantasy Flight Games), Hobbit Tales from the Green Dragon Inn (Cubicle 7 Entertainment), Strange Synergy* (Steve Jackson Games), Citadels* (Fantasy Flight Games), Attack!* (Eagle Games), Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Rise of the Runelords* (Paizo), Trailer Park Wars (Gut Bustin' Games), Revolution!* (Steve Jackson Games), Formula D* (Asmodee), Metropolys* (Ystari Games), Railroad Tycoon* (Eagle Games), Munchkin Cthulhu* (Steve Jackson Games), Tans America* (Rio Grande Games), and Miskatonic School for Girls*.

* Games checked out of the MisCon Game Library.

* Five Games were also checked out Long Term (for two weeks) from the MisCon Game Library. One of the perks of being Pre-Registered for MisCon 28!

Our thanks to everyone who attended, and those who helped to make the MisCon 2014 Spring Game Day a success.

Future MisCon Game Days

MisCon: May 23-26, 2014

Summer: July 12, 2014

Fall: November 8, 2014

Winter: January 10, 2015

Spring: March 14, 2015

MisCon 29: May, 2015

Submit Your Game for the next MisCon Game Day!

Email the Gaming Team gaming@miscon.org if you want to schedule a game. We can schedule a table and advertise it here on the MisCon website.

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