Kevin Noel Olson

MisCon 28 Attending Professional

Kevin Noel Olson began writing speculative fiction during the 1990s, beginning with the ongoing Springheeled Jack: Gunfigther stories and novellas. A list of recent work includes work in two best-selling Pulp anthologies and the third book in the Tocsin Codex series for middle grade youth.

Kevin Noel Olson writes pulp, fantasy, horror and sci fi. His most recent projects include the third book in the children's series Tocsin Codex series, Eerey Tocsin and the Invisible Tower. His works are included in two Airship 27 Productions best-selling pulp anthologies, Secret Agent "X" Volume IV and Mystery Men (and Women) Volume III. He lives, works, and drinks coffee in a hovel in Butte, Montana. Currently, he is working on a new story and a new comic book in his series, Springheeled Jack: Gunfighter and the fourth book in the Tocsin Codex series.

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Scheduled Panels and Presentations:


  • Fri 4:00 - 4:50 PM, Writers' Workshop Meet and Greet, Containment Room (Upstairs)
  • Break Fri 4:50 - Sat 11:00
  • Sat 11:00 - 11:50 AM, How Technology in Stories Becomes a Reality, Upstairs 2 (Upstairs Programming 2)
  • Break Sat 11:50 - Sat 5:00
  • Sat 5:00 - 5:50 PM, , Great Hall (Upstairs)
  • Sat 6:00 - 6:50 PM, Creating Conflict, Great Hall (Upstairs)
  • Break Sat 6:50 - Sun 10:00
  • Sun 10:00 - 10:50 AM, Author Book Signing, Containment Room (Upstairs)
  • Break Sun 10:50 - Sun 1:00
  • Sun 1:00 - 1:50 PM, Writing What You Don't Know, Upstairs 3 (Upstairs Programming 3)
  • Break Sun 1:50 - Sun 4:00
  • Sun 4:00 - 4:50 PM, Brave New World?, Upstairs 1 (Upstairs Programming 1)
  • Break Sun 4:50 - Mon 11:00
  • Mon 11:00 - 11:50 AM, World Deconstruction 101, Containment Room (Upstairs)

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