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MisCon 28

Anything related to comic books, from writing, design, character creation, layout, etc.

Leila Del Duca

About Leila Del Duca

Theo Ellsworth

About Theo Ellsworth

Tony Gregori
Tony Gregori

Professional illustrator and cartoonist, published in Image comics, IDW, 215 Ink, and Vault. Also done spot illustrations for various RPG manuals, was a courtroom sketch artist for the local Fox affiliate, assists children w learning disabilities w their reading issues through comics (Camp Chronicle).

About Tony Gregori

David Lewis Johnson
David Lewis Johnson

D.L. Johnson is a professional illustrator working in the tabletop gaming industry. He has currently illustrated for 36 books and counting, including the award-winning Eternal Lies from Pelgrane Press, as well work for the Hydra Cooperative, Sine Nomine Publishing, Engine Publishing, Gnome Stew, and more. He also designs adventures and settings for old school D&D, including Grandpappy Cromdar's Whizbang Zoo! and Gathox Vertical Slum. His claim to fame is something along the lines of 1/18th of a number of Silver and Gold Ennies, having worked on teams for winning products. He lives, plays, and works in Missoula, Montana.

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Erica Pocklington
Erica Pocklington

About Erica Pocklington

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