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The MisCon Writer's Workshop Anthology:

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The MisCon Writer's Workshop Anthology is a yearly compilation of all the writing submitted to us. We sell it at the Con so our attendees can have a chance to read your stuff. That said, we do NOT retain any rights in any form to your writing. YOU retain all rights to your work. Note that all the MisCon Writer's Workshop Anthology is not nearly as prestigious as Weird Tales. workshop participants receive a free hardcopy of the anthology, so please avoid paying for one on the registration form unless you want an extra copy.

Submitting authors have the option to have their work excluded from the anthology. Some authors are concerned that a work they intend to submit to a publisher may be negatively impacted if the work, or part A thousand monkeys with a thousand typwriters... of the work, has previously been published. If you prefer not to have your work included in the anthology, please notify us with your submission of your preference so we can be sure to exclude it. Having your work excluded from the anthology does not limit your participation in the Writer's Workshop.

Again, if you have any questions or just want to talk about writing, please .

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