The Wasteland

MisCon 29 Theme

Last May a mysterious plague raged through MisCon 28, destroying the convention as we know it.

Nearly a year later, the zombies are mostly dead and the hotel still stands, its windows boarded up, emergency generators drowned out by the howling of the crowded Thunderdome. Our surviving scientists, seers, and sages assure us the plague has run its course and it’s safe to emerge from your bunkers and repopulate the wasteland.

Join us for MisCon 29!

Will you run Barter Town or become a Road Warrior on patrol? A fairy vagabond? A crazed wasteland mutant, scheming to invade Ruby's Inn? An outcast Vault Dweller? The governor of your own little slice of paradise? It might be safer to just put on your power armor and come inside. While you're working on costumes, panel ideas, and game scenarios, think about the collapse of society, wasteland survival, anarchy, scavengers, cannibalism, and picking up the pieces. Maybe read the Stand, watch the Mad Max movies, the Book of Eli, play Fallout again, and take a few runs through Borderlands to get in the mood.

MisCon: The Wasteland

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