Art Show

The MisCon art show is a special event; every year we bring together the work of many successful and aspiring artists. These wonderful works are displayed, sold, and auctioned just during the wondrous time of MisCon.

MisCon sees art as its purest definition: Anything may be considered art. MisCon has never and will never restrict the type of art accepted for the art show and art auction. However, as outlined in our artist submission rules, we do request that all art be of a space, science fiction, fantasy, or alternative reality theme.

Art on display and sold in the art auctions may contain adult themes and/or be graphic, and these pieces will not be hidden. MisCon makes every effort to display adult artwork in a tasteful manner so patrons with small children may self-censor.

MisCon art staff is available in the art room any time the art room is open to answer questions or accept your feedback. Please approach us with any question or issue you have.

Art Room Rules

While these next measures may seem extreme, they are the best for all. The artists entrust their life's work to us and this is a responsibility we take seriously. So PLEASE understand we are doing the best for all and respect our measures.

  • Do not touch or handle art.
    In order to ensure safety for all pieces we ask that NO art be touched during the art show.
  • No photography or video recording.
    In accordance with artist wishes there is no photography, video or cell phone snap shots allowed in the art room. Those seen doing so will be asked to delete photos and leave all equipment with staff until the patron is ready to leave the art room. Repeat offenders may be asked not to return.

The MisCon art staff try our best to ensure an enjoyable con for all: for the staff, for our members, and for the artists, absent or present. Our staff is there for the artists and MisCon attendees.

Art Show Hours

  • Friday 1pm - 7pm
  • Saturday 9:30am - 5pm
  • Sunday 9:30am - 4pm
  • Monday 9:30am - 1pm

Youth Art

The MisCon Young Artist Show is an art show within the MisCon art show where young artists can display their art - and maybe even sell some!

Buying Art

Art is for sale in the MisCon silent auction from the time the art room opens on Friday until it closes on Sunday. Some art is then available in the live auction Sunday evening. Art remaining with no bids after the live auction Sunday evening is then available for sale Monday at the direct sale price or the "after auction" price (if the artist has specified an after auction price).

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