MisCon 29 Costume Pageant Registration

Please complete this form to register for the MisCon 29 costume pageant. Please answer all the questions.

Note: You can mouse over most of the questions on this form for additional information, help, or instructions.

Costume Pageant Registration

Are you (the contestant) under 13 years of age?

Did you (the contestant) make this costume yourself?

You have of 100 characters left to explain what you did not make.
You have of 100 characters left for special information you want the judges to know.
For example: "Madame Tasmania hails from the Planet Warner in the Cartoon Solar System and prides herself on excellent dental hygiene. She asks that you please come and have a closer look..." You have of 300 characters left to explain how you want to be introduced. This is at least as important as your costume and will be judged also. The introduction you write as well as your presentation of your costume equals 20 out of your 50 point score - see the judging form for specifics. Please be sure you have reviewed the costume pageant rules before submitting.

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