Future MisCon Game Days

Summer 2015: July 11

Fall 2015: November 14

Winter 2015: January 9

Spring 2016: March 12

Summer 2016: July 9

Fall 2016: November 12

GMs Needed

Children's, teen or family games. MisCon would really like some GMs willing to run children's, teen, or family games, whether their own or some of those from the MisCon Game Library.

MisCon is looking for GMs to run specific games from the MisCon Game Library like a head-to-head simultaneous running of Formula D and PitchCar.

Please contact gaming@miscon.org if you are interested in helping run games at MisCon 29.

MisCon 29 Gamemaster and Volunteer Record Keeping

MisCon would like to start keeping better records. This includes keep track of volunteered hours. If you are planning on running games at MisCon 29 please fill out the Volunteer form on the Volunteers page. If you check only Gaming, it is assumed your hours are scheduled. Although, we hope you take an interest in other departments as well.

MisCon Game Library

MisCon's Game Library is large and varied, containing everything from children's games to the most complex strategy games.

The purpose of the MisCon Game Library is to provide games which can be run for Members at MisCons, or MisCon Game Days. Naturally it's easier to run games from the Library if you know which games we have. You can browse our list of games at the web site boardgamegeek.

Remember that Members who are preIf you are pre-registered for MisCon 29 can sign Games out of the MisCon Game Library throughout the year., and arrange to sign out a game to learn.

If you are intested in signing a Game out of the isCon Game Library please contact us at please email us at gaming@miscon.org.

The MisCon Game Library has been a valuable asset, not only bringing entertainment to Members at MisCon and its Game Days, but throughout the year.

MisCon 29 Gaming Team

Stewart Fleming Joe Taylor Joshua Aronoff Bob Lovely
(Admiral) (Quasijoe) (Josh) (CthulhuBob)
Gaming Director Gaming Logistics Gaming Liason Prize Support

If you have any questions about playing or running games at MisCon, please email us at gaming@miscon.org

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