Current Battlecard Kingdom Gaming Schedule

MisCon 29

These tables show the current schedule of Battlecard Kingdom for MisCon 29, with the scheduled games in their time slots and listed for each table that that game is using. Only tables where that game is being played will be shown each day. is a free to download and print trading card and dice game that can also work with your existing collector/trading/game/sport cards. Since it is free to print the black and white cards and paste to old game cards or recycled paperboard, every person can afford to have a awesome deck and make extra cards to share/trade with your friends. It is not a greed based or for profit system like magic or Pokeman but just as fun to play. Artists can make their own custom cards!

To help you find what you're interested in more quickly, games are color coded: BG (Board Game), (Computer Games), LARP (Live-Action Role-Playing), Other (Other), Paint (Painting), RPG (Role-Playing Games), TCG (Trading Card Game), and WG (Wargame)

Friday Gaming

May 22, 12:00 May 22, 13:00 May 22, 14:00 May 22, 15:00 May 22, 16:00 May 22, 17:00 May 22, 18:00 May 22, 19:00 May 22, 20:00 May 22, 21:00 May 22, 22:00 May 22, 23:00
Table 29
Ruby's Containment Room
[Containment Room]
        New Montana made game
Battlecard Kingdom (TCG)
GM(s): Jeffrey-James Halvorson
4:00 - 8:00 PM, May 22

Saturday Gaming

Table 29
Ruby's Containment Room
[Containment Room]

Sunday Gaming

Table 32
Ruby's Containment Room
[Containment Room]

Monday Gaming

May 25, 00:00 May 25, 01:00 May 25, 02:00 May 25, 03:00 May 25, 04:00 May 25, 05:00 May 25, 06:00 May 25, 07:00 May 25, 08:00 May 25, 09:00 May 25, 10:00 May 25, 11:00 May 25, 12:00 May 25, 13:00
No Battlecard Kingdom scheduled for Monday.

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