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Brenda Carre writes long and short fiction in a variety of genres many of which have a dark mythic twist. She is also a visual artist and does workshops in map making. Her stories have appeared in the Magazine of Fantasy and SF, Fiction River Anthologies, Ragnarok's Blackguards Blacklist, A number of independent Story Bundles through Bundle Rabbit and in Pulp Literature's excellent bi-monthly magazine.

After retiring from her day job as an art educator in 2006 Brenda took advantage of a life long yearning to write full time. She now writes long and short fiction in a variety of genres, with a focus on Fantasy, Urban Fantasy and YA. Brendaís short fiction has appeared in the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Fiction River Anthologies, Sky Warrior Books, Ragnarokís Blackguards/Blacklist Anthology. She has also collaborated on book bundles and shared worlds. Brenda writes novels, poetry and novellas. When she is not tapping the keys, she is dreaming of doing so. She is currently completing revisions on a mythic epic fantasy with more than a demonís kiss of Grimdark. It is set in a world that parallels the Pacific Northwest during the age of sail. Brenda lives on Vancouver Island. She has her Mastersí Degree in Art Education, a second degree in English Lit and was a co-founder of the Lord Byng Mini-School of the Arts in Vancouver.

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Scheduled Panels and Presentations:

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  • panel Fri 4:00 - 4:50 PM, Writers' Workshop Meet and Greet, Great Hall (Upstairs)
    Panelists: Josie Beaudoin, Carol Berg, Larry Bonham, M. H. Bonham (Maggie), Brenda Carre, Ann Gimpel, James Glass, Rhiannon Held, Andrea Howe, C.L Norman (Candi), J.A. Pitts, Joyce Reynolds-Ward, Patrick Swenson

    Participants and Critiquing Authors get together to meet and discuss how the workshop works. They'll also discuss workshops in general, and how to take criticism. Open to anyone interested in the Writers' Workshop.

  • Break Fri 4:50 - Sat 10:00
  • panel Sat 10:00 - 10:50 AM, Downton Abbey: a Bygone Era, Thunderdome Right (Big Room Right)
    Moderator: Krista Wallace; Panelists: Justin Barba, Brenda Carre, Rhiannon Held, Krista Wallace

    As far as we know, Downton isnít science fiction, fantasy, or horror, but it reminds us of an era before the Wasteland. Its dialogue and characters are examples of great storytelling, and its setting is a staple among so many genre stories that we just need to discuss it. Spoiler alert! We wonít hold back, so everything in the show is on the table.

  • panel Sat 11:00 - 12:50 PM, Writers' Workshop, Programming Tent 1 (The Tent)
    Panelists: Carol Berg, Larry Bonham, M. H. Bonham (Maggie), Brenda Carre, Ann Gimpel, James Glass, Rhiannon Held, Andrea Howe, C.L Norman (Candi), J.A. Pitts, Joyce Reynolds-Ward, Patrick Swenson

    MisCon's Galaxy-Famous Writers' Workshop. Submit your writing to us a month before MisCon, show up at the hotel, and meet with our professional critiquing authors and editors. They'll help improve your writing.

  • Break Sat 12:50 - Sat 2:00
  • panel Sat 2:00 - 2:50 PM, The Price of Power, Thunderdome Right (Big Room Right)
    Panelists: Carol Berg, Terry Brooks, Brenda Carre, Peter Orullian (Rock Lord)

    As Terry Brooks once said, "A civilization once destroyed by misuse of power is a bit wary the second time out about what new power can do." Magic, money, modern technology, political power: all these things have consequences, both good and bad. This panel will take a look at the double-sided nature of power. How can writers realistically work this into their work? What are some pop culture examples of this in action?

  • panel Sat 3:00 - 3:50 PM, Writing to Prompts, Thunderdome Right (Big Room Right)
    Panelists: Brenda Carre, David Keck, J.A. Pitts, Mark Teppo

    Prompts are a great way to build and hone your craft, not to mention get published and win contests. In this panel we'll learn how to write original, unique stories based on those prompts. We'll also discuss how to know if you've strayed too far from the original concept.

  • panel Sat 4:00 - 4:50 PM, Reading: Brenda Carre, Upstairs Programming 3 (261)
    Panelists: Brenda Carre

    Brenda will read from one of her recent works.

  • Break Sat 4:50 - Sun 10:00
  • panel Sun 10:00 - 10:50 AM, Author Book Signing, Thunderdome Right (Big Room Right)
    Moderator: Justin Barba; Panelists: Dave Bara, Carol Berg, S. A. Bolich, Larry Bonham, M. H. Bonham (Maggie), Terry Brooks, Brenda Carre, C.J. Cherryh, Steven Erikson, Jane Fancher, Ann Gimpel, James Glass, Rhiannon Held, David Keck, Todd Lockwood, Peter Orullian (Rock Lord), L.F. Patten (Laurey), John Picacio, J.A. Pitts, Joyce Reynolds-Ward, Shawn Speakman, Patrick Swenson, Mark Teppo, Eldon Thompson

    All authors are invited. Terry Brooks's signing is moderated, and we will maintain a STRICT 3 item maximum per person--zero exceptions. In order to keep the line moving, Terry can only personalize one item per person per trip through the line.

  • Break Sun 10:50 - Sun 3:00
  • panel Sun 3:00 - 3:50 PM, Plotting Backfires, Thunderdome Left (Big Room Left)
    Panelists: Carol Berg, Brenda Carre, Ann Gimpel

    What happens when your plot backfires? What can you do about it? Re-write? Start over? Brainstorm? Just go with it and hope the problems will vanish?

  • Break Sun 3:50 - Mon 11:00
  • panel Mon 11:00 - 11:50 AM, The Building Blocks of Backstory, Thunderdome Right (Big Room Right)
    Panelists: Carol Berg, Brenda Carre, Rhiannon Held, Andrea Howe

    How do you create sufficient character backstory? Do minor characters need backgrounds, as well? How do you keep them straight? And, perhaps most importantly, how do you give your readers this information without resorting to info dumps?

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