Manny Frishberg

MisCon 29 Panel Volunteer

Manny Frishberg was born in the shadow of New York City and has lived up and down the West Coast for more than 40 years. He spent the first half of his life learning to write stories and the second half learning what to write. He is spending the third half of his life getting it done.
His stories have been appearing in anthologies and magazines since 2010. Before that he held jobs shaping wood, sheet metal and words (not all at once).
He is a contract editor, for two small presses and independent authors. His first anthology, “Horseshoes, Hand Grenades and Magic” was published by Knotted Road Press in 2016. He and his partner have make their home near Seattle.

Scheduled Panels and Presentations:

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  • panel Fri 3:00 - 3:50 PM, Worrying For Writers, Thunderdome Right (Big Room Right)
    Panelists: Larry Bonham, Manny Frishberg, Anne Groell, Patrick Swenson

    Writers are full of worry. Am I doing this right? How long is this supposed to take? Will I ever be published? Do other writers have this many problems? Am I wasting my time? Will anyone care about this character? Join us as we discuss some common fears and how to stop that voice in your head from getting in the way of your success.

  • Break Fri 3:50 - Fri 5:00
  • panel Fri 5:00 - 5:50 PM, Minor Characters, Thunderdome Left (Big Room Left)
    Moderator: Rhiannon Held; Panelists: Dave Bara, Manny Frishberg, Anne Groell, L.F. Patten (Laurey)

    Minor characters might not be as important as your protagonists, but they're still important in their own way. Let's discuss some of the ways you can make your minor characters as fully dimensional and real as your main ones without over-sharing.

  • Break Fri 5:50 - Sat 10:00
  • panel Sat 10:00 - 10:50 AM, Time Travel Today: It's Not 1985 Anymore, Great Hall (Upstairs)
    Panelists: Dave Bara, Manny Frishberg, Hugh S. Gregory

    Looper vs. Predestination vs. 12 Monkeys. How does Science Fiction present time travel these days? Does the Delorean still need to hit 88 mph? Do you just need a cardboard box like Calvin and Hobbes? Or do you just need a little alien blood in the face like Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow?

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