Elizabeth Braak

MisCon 29 Panel Volunteer

Scheduled Panels and Presentations:

Key: panel=On a Panel moderator=Moderating game=GMing


  • panel Sat Noon - 12:50 PM, Building a Story With Costume, Great Hall (Upstairs)
    Moderator: Beth Stoops; Panelists: Amanda Baldwin, Chris Blazer, Elizabeth Braak, Alix Shackelford (Trinket)

    Bring your cosplay to life! How to give a sense of your character/background/history through your clothes and ornamentation and how to make the attitude match the look.

  • Break Sat 12:50 - Sat 4:00
  • panel Sat 4:00 - 4:50 PM, Historical Influence on Fantasy Dress, Upstairs Programming 1 (259)
    Panelists: Elizabeth Braak

    How to use real historical dress to give an authentic feel to fantasy costumes. How to do Historical Costuming so itís correct and comfortable and some costume horror stories about what will happen if you do it wrong.

  • Break Sat 4:50 - Sun Noon
  • panel Sun Noon - 12:50 PM, Modest Cosplay, Upstairs Programming 2 (260)
    Panelists: Elizabeth Braak, Alix Shackelford (Trinket), Beth Stoops

    Whatever your reason for wanting to wear a little more (or show a little less) our panel will cover adapting revealing costumes to less skin-baring versions so you can feel good about strutting your stuff.

  • Break Sun 12:50 - Sun 6:00
  • panel Sun 6:00 - 6:50 PM, The Victorian Era Ruined Everything, Upstairs Programming 1 (259)
    Panelists: Elizabeth Braak

    A look at the Victorian Age - Steampunk, clothing, advances, and how they made history impossible.

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