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MisCon 29

Everything related to costuming: learn how to make your own costumes of different types from steampunk to Star Wars to Victorian dresses to monsters.

Darla Babcock

Darla is a costumer and crafter. She centers her costumes around all her geeky loves. Her cosplay philosophy centers around doing costumes that make her confident and others smile.Having done pirates to princess peach to Merida.

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Amanda Baldwin

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Chris Blazer

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Elizabeth Braak

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Lauren En Kuldes

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Gail Glass
Gail Glass

Gail Glass is a retired recreation therapist who has been costuming and dancing for fun since childhood. For twenty five years she has mostly stayed behind the scenes at masquerades, doing panels on costuming, alternative medicine and healing dance. Essentially a master hall costumer, she attends several cons a year with her husband, physicist, writer and artist James Glass.

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Becky Harouz
Becky Harouz

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J.K. Hinther
J.K. Hinther

Jessa Hinther, AKA Ruby Riddle, is on a mission to empower the masses through corsetry.

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Erika Noble
Erika Noble

Slightly eccentric computer tech with a love of costuming and dance.

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Joshua Parker

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Alix Shackelford

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Beth Stoops
Beth Stoops

Beth Stoops is "three feet tall and dresses kooky." There's mounting evidence she might not be human. Or even a she. But she's interesting to talk to, unintentionally funny, and can help your sewing go to the next level and beyond. If you are looking for her and don't see her, look down. If that doesn't work, carry around a cup of English Breakfast -- eventually she'll come out of hiding.

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