Rebekah Leib

MisCon 30 Attending Professional

Rebekah Leib is a medievalist & historical re-creationist specializing in the Norse Viking era & Bronze Age Scythian cultures.

Rebekah Leib is a medievalist & historical re-creationist specializing in the Norse & Viking-era as well as Bronze Age Scythian cultures. She has far too many sheep, goats & other livestock running amok on her homestead & is a spinner, weaver, dyer, feltmaker & obnoxiously enthusiastic textiles geek. In addition to teaching various textile-oriented and primitive skills in a historical setting, she has enough hobbies/passions for at least 8 people, has no limits when it comes to learning historical skills, and does not comprehend the meaning nor possibility of "boredom".

When not shoveling manure, fixing fences or shouting at escaped sheep, she also enjoys target and combat archery, arrow-making, sewing linen & wool garments, making glass beads with her lampworking torch, and spending quality time with her horses.

Scheduled Panels and Presentations:

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  • panel Fri 4:00 - 4:50 PM, Primitive Weapons, Medieval Demo Area (7)
    Panelists: Realms of Avalon , Rebekah Leib

    The history, manufacture and use of primitive weapons. If/when all the technology goes away (steam, gunpowder, lasers, etc.), what can you
    defend yourself with? How have primitive weapons been used through history to devastating effect? How can we use them today?

  • Break Fri 4:50 - Sun 10:00
  • panel Sun 10:00 - 10:50 AM, Primitive Textiles, Montana Boardroom
    Panelists: Realms of Avalon , Rebekah Leib

    Without a lot of technology, what do you have to wear and how do you produce it? How do you obtain clothing when there's nary a Walmart or Hot Topic in sight? We'll discuss how clothing was made by spinning and weaving various materials, and obtained by non-modern cultures through history, and how relevant those methods are today.

  • Break Sun 10:50 - Sun 2:00
  • panel Sun 2:00 - 2:50 PM, Knife and Tomahawk Throwing, Medieval Demo Area (7)
    Panelists: Realms of Avalon , Rebekah Leib

    Ever wanted to know how to throw a knife or tomahawk? What makes a knife suitable for throwing, and how far or accurately can an axe really be thrown? Come find out for yourself and learn some throwing basics. I’ll teach some basic beginner techniques, and you can try your hand at throwing both knife and ‘hawk at the targets provided. We’ll also talk a little about how throwing in reality differs from what you see in the movies and on TV.

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