Brian Rathbone

MisCon 30 Attending Professional

Brian Rathbone is a bit odd. Best known for his World of Godsland fantasy series, Brian also tells a few too many bad dragon jokes on Twitter.

Brian Rathbone is best known as the creator of the World of Godsland epic fantasy series and for telling bad dragon jokes on Twitter. Brian's ebooks and podcast novels have garnered millions of downloads and thousands of 5-star ratings. When Brian isn't writing, he enjoys experimenting with 3D printing and spending entirely too much time thinking about unicorns.

Scheduled Panels and Presentations:

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  • panel Fri 1:00 - 1:50 PM, Meet & Greet: Brian Rathbone/Peter J Wacks, Hotel Lobby of Doom
    Panelists: Brian Rathbone, Peter Wacks (pjwacks)

    Meet a few of our authors, get signatures, and see what they're up to these days.

  • Break Fri 1:50 - Fri 5:00
  • panel Fri 5:00 - 5:50 PM, Build an Empire on the Fly, Tent By the Trees (1)
    Panelists: Kevin J Anderson, Carol Berg, Rob Carlos, Brenda Carre, Robin Hobb, Brian Rathbone

    We're once again building an empire! Our panelists will create an empire from the ground up and see how far they get in 50 minutes. They’ll design everything they can think of: geography, races, culture, laws, history, etc, while our moderator will toss problems (like insurgent dissidents and earthquakes) their way. Artist Rob Carlos will sketch out things on the whiteboard as they go.

  • Break Fri 5:50 - Sat 10:00
  • panel Sat 10:00 - 10:50 AM, Desire in Fiction, Ballroom B
    Moderator: Diana Pharaoh Francis (Di); Panelists: Diana Pharaoh Francis (Di), L.F. Patten (Laurey), Brian Rathbone, Joyce Reynolds-Ward

    Noir is, in part, about what people want, how badly they want it, and how far they'll go to get it. In this panel we'll talk about all your characters' desires, their darkest needs, and how to translate that to the page, regardless of genre.

  • Break Sat 10:50 - Sat Noon
  • panel Sat Noon - 12:50 PM, Fiction Slam Reading, Tent By the Trees (1)
    Moderator: J.A. Pitts; Panelists: James Glass, J.A. Pitts, Brian Rathbone

    Come hear your favorite pro read a selection of their work.
    1200: JA Pitts
    1220: Brian Rathbone
    1240: Jim Glass

  • moderator Sat 1:00 - 1:50 PM, Self-Published Writers Roundtable, Gallatin
    Moderator: Brian Rathbone; Panelists: Jason A. Holt, Meradeth Houston, Brian Rathbone, April White

    MisCon is lucky to host several outstanding self-published authors. Join many of them for an informal discussion about all things self-publishing.

  • Break Sat 1:50 - Sat 3:00
  • panel Sat 3:00 - 3:50 PM, Building An Audience From Scratch, Gallatin
    Moderator: Peter Wacks (pjwacks); Panelists: Guy Pace, Brian Rathbone, Peter Wacks (pjwacks)

    You're about to be published, or perhaps you're going the self-publishing route. How do you build an audience for your book? Let's talk about audience: grabbing their attention and maintaining their attention. Through social media, blogging, podcasting? What's right for your audience and your story?

  • Break Sat 3:50 - Sun Noon
  • panel Sun Noon - 12:50 PM, Crowdfunding and Kickstarting, Gallatin
    Panelists: Kyle Elliott (Big Kyle), John D. Nilles, Brian Rathbone

    Indiegogo? Kickstarter? GoFundMe? Learn how to create a solid crowdfunding plan that could work.

  • panel Sun 1:00 - 1:50 PM, Editing!, Madison
    Moderator: Andrea Howe; Panelists: Andrea Howe, Tod McCoy, Brian Rathbone, Peter Wacks (pjwacks)

    When is something edited enough to be published? What edits are important, which can be disregarded, and how do you tell the difference? Learn about how to edit your book in order to make it publisher ready. We�ll also touch on the different types of editors and when to engage them.

  • Break Sun 1:50 - Sun 5:00
  • panel Sun 5:00 - 5:50 PM, Writing YA Fiction, Glacier
    Moderator: Meradeth Houston; Panelists: Kent Davis, Steve Diamond, Meradeth Houston, Brian Rathbone, April White

    Let's talk about young adult fiction. How does it differ from adult fiction? What are the major emotional expectations inherent in YA fiction? What are the responsibilities YA authors face that adult authors do not?

  • panel Sun 6:00 - 6:50 PM, Putting Down the Words, Ballroom B
    Moderator: Peter Orullian (Rock Lord); Panelists: Kevin J Anderson, Brenda Carre, Brian Rathbone, Peter Wacks (pjwacks)

    Making up a statistic, your average best-selling author might write about a book a year. This accounts for edits, rewrites, and outlines of future books. Some write more, some write less. But what about those authors who put out two books a year...along with thirteen short stories, four novelettes, and four self-published compendiums to said best-selling books. How do they do it? Let's hear from the experts on what makes an author prolific.

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