MisCon 30 Writers' Workshop

Writers' Workshop

MisCon's Writers' Workshop is lucky to receive submissions from all levels of writers: from beginners to intermediate and advanced. This year, we'll be changing the Writers' Workshop to better support this diversity. The workshop will include two sessions: a general workshop and an advanced workshop.

We're asking for your best work, no more than 2,500 words (approximately 10 pages--see A Note About Word Count below), submitted by April 8, 2016.

We will read your submission and determine, based on mechanics, story-telling, and flow (among other things), which workshop would be of the most benefit to you.

If you're placed in the Writers' Workshop, your submission will be cut to 750 words (approximately 3 pages) and given to one or more of our attending professionals for critique. On the day of the workshop, participants will attend a class/personal workshop designed to address consistent problems seen throughout all the manuscripts. This class will focus on mechanics, the bare bones of story, plot, theme, etc, although you will still receive a personal critique on your 750-word submission. At the end, you'll also receive a list of resources to better enable you to qualify for the Advanced session next year.

If you're placed in the Advanced Writers' Workshop, your complete ten pages will be passed along to one or more attending professional for critique. On the day of the workshop, you will meet with the authors to receive critique tailored to your piece. This workshop will focus on higher-level criticism, including what makes a story work, as well as what will make your piece more marketable.

This is an excellent opportunity to have your work read and analyzed by pros who not only know how to put words together but the business side of things as well.

Your manuscript can be a short story, the beginning of a novel, or an unfinished story fragment, as long as it fits within the 2,500 word limit. If you follow our submission guidelines, this means 10 pages or less (see guidelines below).

Note: participation may be limited this year due to high demand, so the workshop will be a first-come-first-served event.

Manuscript submissions must be received on or before April 8, 2016.

What to Do

  1. Prepare a manuscript of no more than 2,500 words according to our guidelines below. Include your cover letter and synopsis in the same file as your manuscript. (Do not count them as part of your word count, however).
  2. Save it as a .doc or. docx file and email it to writers@miscon.org no later than April 8, 2016. Make sure to include your contact information (If you cannot save as a Microsoft Word file, a .txt file will be accepted.)
  3. If you do not wish to have your piece included in the private (for participants only) PDF file of all the manuscripts, please say so in your email. (see below for more information)
  4. It's also a good idea to pre-register for MisCon at this time to make sure you can attend (in case we reach maximum attendance and close registration).
  5. Attend MisCon and participate in the Advanced Writers' Workshop or the Writers' Workshop on the pre-assigned day.

Submission Guidelines

General guidelines include:

  • 1-inch margins
  • Double-spaced
  • Font no smaller than 12-point size (Courier, Courier New, or Times New Roman are acceptable)
  • Use underlining instead of italics
  • Do not use boldface

The first page should include:

  • Author's name and address in upper left hand corner
  • Approximate word count in upper right corner
  • Story title and byline (start halfway down page)
  • Story starts double-spaced under byline

Each page after the first must include:

  • Story title (abbreviated if necessary)
  • Author's last name
  • Page number

A note about Word Count:

  • The amount of space a manuscript takes up is what matters to publishers, not the specific number of words used. If you format your manuscript according to our guidelines, it will have about 250 words per page. A publisher needs to know how much space a story will take up, which means that once your manuscript is properly formatted, you should take your page count and multiply it by 250. This is your total word count.
  • For the MisCon Writers' Workshop, you may not exceed the 2,500 word limit. This means 10 pages or less. We will delete anything beyond the 10 page limit. In the case of our workshop, it doesn't matter if your story is complete, only that the critiquing authors have a chance to examine a substantial amount of your writing so they can help you improve it. The synopsis and cover letter do NOT count toward this word total.
    • If you're selected for the Advanced Writers' Workshop, your entire 10 pages will be passed along to the professionals.
    • If you're selected for the Writers' Workshop, your submission will be cut to 3 pages, or approximately 750 words.

If you have any questions .

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