GMs Needed

GMs who want to run scheduled games at MisCon need to need to contact the MisCon Gaming Team in January.

If you want to earn Cthulhu Cash for your GM volunteers time, fill out the volunteer's form on the Volunteers page, and select Gaming.

MisCon Game Library

The purpose of the MisCon Game Library is to provide games which can be run for Members at MisCons, or MisCon Game Days. You can browse browse our list of games at the web site boardgamegeek.

The Mison Game Library has been a valuable asset, entertaining members at MisCons and MisCon game days.

MisCon 30 Gaming Team

Stewart Fleming (Admiral) - Director, Logistics, Liason, Prize Support
Frank Pruett
Bob Lovely (CthulhuBob)

If you have any questions about playing or running games at MisCon, please email us at

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