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MisCon 31

Everything related to costuming: learn how to make your own costumes of different types from steampunk to Star Wars to Victorian dresses to monsters.

Eekie and Snow Cosplay

Montana natives Eekie and Snow are ready to help you create and conquer the costumes of your imagination. Eekie has been an active performer for 6 years and a costumer for 10 years: crying and sewing her way through many an event and creation. She specializes in cosplay that can be worn for performance purposes whether it be for dance, music, or LARP as well as thermoplastics and EVA foam armor. Snow has been an active costumer and prop builder for 4 years. She specializes in working with thermoplastics, craft/EVA foam, and electronics to bring an otherworldly flair to the design. They have been a team for the past 6 years and look forward to sharing their passion with you.

About Eekie and Snow Cosplay

Realm of Stygia
Realm of Stygia

Stygia is the Montana chapter of the Belegarth Medieval Combat Society.

Belegarth is a medieval sword fighting sport where foam padding is used on the weapons to prevent serious physical injury to participants.

There are different levels of play, there are gatherings were a lot of people play at once, and there are small groups and teams that intermingle with other groups. But most importantly Belegarth is a semi-competitive sport where participants can strive to just enjoy playing with others or work at being physically and mentally the best fighter they can be.

About Realm of Stygia

BJ Allen-Prudden

About BJ Allen-Prudden

Christine Barkl

About Christine Barkl

Becky Harouz
Becky Harouz

About Becky Harouz

J.K. Hinther
J.K. Hinther

Jessa Hinther, AKA Ruby Riddle, is on a mission to empower the masses through corsetry.

About J.K. Hinther

Caille Jensen

About Caille Jensen

Lynn Martin

About Lynn Martin

Erika Noble
Erika Noble

Slightly eccentric computer tech with a love of costuming and dance.

About Erika Noble

Lily Oliver

About Lily Oliver

Nikki Rossignol
Nikki Rossignol

Nikki Rossignol is an illustrator and ballerina from Montana. She is currently illustrating a mythology-based brand for Down The Road Brewing Company in Boston, MA. Previously, Rossignol worked as a court-room sketch artist for Dateline NBC, concept artist for Peach Pit films, and dancer in multiple companies including Donlavey and Mimoda of Los Angeles, and Chicago Light Opera Works. Rossignol currently lives in a wooded glen with her husband Jordan, daughter Elke, and dingo.

About Nikki Rossignol

Melissa Thompson

Melissa Thompson is a local artist and body painter.

About Melissa Thompson

Ecco Wyrd

About Ecco Wyrd

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