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MisCon 31

Discussion of game-related topics. Usually these panels deal with role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Shadowrun, GURPS, Deadlands, Call of Cthulhu, Amber, and many others.

Montana Melee

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Summit Gaming

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Josh Aronoff

Josh is a full time therapist in Madison Wisconsin. He has led a life of adventure, most of which occurs inside his own head, but some of which occurred IRL. He has a lifetime of gaming experience on both sides of the screen and three lifetimes of useless trivial knowledge.

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Black Shield Productions

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Ben Donnelly
Ben Donnelly

My name is Benjamin Donnelly, and this will be my 22nd time at Miscon. I am currently an assistant professor of history at the University of Great Falls and Great Falls College-MSU, where I teach all kinds of historical subjects, mainly military history and including a course on anime and Japan. I was born in Georgia, but I've lived in Montana most of my life, and it's home. For the past decade or so, I've hosted the AMV Party at Miscon, as well as run the famous (or infamous) Destroy UM Battletech game. I'm also a longtime member of the Sandbaggers Game Club in Great Falls, and part of the ConCom for the Great Falls Gaming Rendezvous, as well as an avid--though amateur--cosplayer.

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Kyle Elliott
Kyle Elliott

Kyle Elliott, a Seattle native, has been building gaming communities for the last decade online as well as off. His latest accolades include Volunteer of the Year for Paizo Publishing, and the first Campaign Service Coin Award. Professionally he has worked in the gaming industry as both an in house QA tester for AAA video game titles, and as a marketing and Kickstarter guide for the tabletop gaming industry. Chances are, you have pledged to at least one of the Kickstarters he has worked for.

Kyle served in Israel as a combat medic and designs, operates, imports, and wholesales fireworks from China, which has allowed him the chance to travel extensively throughout Asia.

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Erik Evjen
Erik Evjen

Erik Evjen is the Fest Hall Coordinator for AetherCon Online RPG Convention, and the Schedule Head Manager for the Great Falls Gaming Rendezvous. He has been playing RPGs for 5 years, and has seen or played just about every ruleset under the sun. He is proud to have his work with Ophelia's Shop of Roleplay Specialties published in June, and also has contributed articles to the 23rd Stage web blog. Currently, Erik is working on finishing the Sword Land Role Playing Game he created, and will be starting a publishing business named IGRE in order to publish his own work and the work of other authors.

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Justin Farrington
Justin Farrington

I enjoy facilitating fun for an entire group and encourage a cooperative storytelling style of play rather than an adversarial one. It's easy to kill characters. It's harder to keep a group coming back for more, week after week. I consider myself fortunate to have a group of players who want to help tell stories, and who keep coming back to find out what happens next.

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Tod Glenn
Tod Glenn

Tod Glenn is a lifelong weapons enthusiast. He has been variously a competitive shooter, federal firearms licensee, firearms manufacturing consultant, knife maker, sword maker, fencing coach and HEMA instructor. He is currently the head coach for the Helena fencing club. He is a frequent contributor to the American Smallsword Symposium and has collaborated on several HEMA related publications.

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John Goff
John Goff

John’s served as the line developer for the Deadlands and Conspiracy X roleplaying games, and written extensively for Steve Jackson Games, White Wolf, FASA, and other game companies.
His first full-length novel, Deluge, was a finalist for the 2010 Origins Award for Best Game-Related Book. His RPG setting, Deadlands Noir, won the 2014 Silver Ennie for Best Setting. In spite of publishing dozens of products, his first project, the dime novel Night Train for Pinnacle Entertainment’s Deadlands RPGremains to this day probably his best-known work.
In addition to his work in gaming, John has been an interrogator for the US Army, a firearms instructor, a bodyguard, and a private

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Caille Jensen

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Rob McDonell
Rob McDonell

I am the Chief Executive Officer of FanNexus, and Vice-President of nerDNA LLC, a Fannish convention and convention/event management corporation, respectively. Mega gaming enthusiast, retired infantryman from the U.S. Army, husband and father. I love my life, and I
love how fandom has been an integral part of making me who I am today! I feel that fandom contributes to our growth as a society in a meaningful and profound way, and this is why I live a significant part of my life as a member of fandom. I believe in fandom so much so, I went so far as to get married to my lovely wife here at MisCon, in 2014 at her request, and happily so!

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Cassie Lee McElhaney

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Jason Rocheleau

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Greg Schneider
Greg Schneider

Greg is the founder and "person vaguely in charge" of Black Shield Productions an professional interactive storytelling and entertainment group in the pacific northwest. He claims (without evidence) that he has run more hours of gaming events at Miscon than anyone else. When acting like a responsible adult, he is attempting to solve the nation's political money problems as the IT Director for

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Ecco Wyrd

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