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Anything related to movies, MisCon's Annual Film Festival, video production. If it has been filmed and is played on a screen somewhere, it belongs in this category.

Christian Ackerman
Christian Ackerman

Christian Ackerman is an Indy Feature Filmmaker and owner of FastCoast Productions. He specializes in low-budget-no-budget movies and special effects. His works have been seen worldwide on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and on Television. He teaches media classes at Corvallis High School and is a production trainer at the local MCAT television station. He's a professional mime that has performed in First Night Missoula for over 25 years. He's Produced, Written, Directed, and Starred in his personal motion pictures, "Wisconsin Project X", "Terror Vortex", "Zombies of the Living Dead", and currently in production "Grid Street" that can and will be seen on many platforms and TV.

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John D. Nilles
John D. Nilles

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