Current Chez Gaming Schedule

MisCon 32

These tables show the current schedule of Chez for MisCon 32, with the scheduled games in their time slots and listed for each table that that game is using. Only tables where that game is being played will be shown each day.

In the light, humorous, and fast-paced card game Chez Geek, players are roommates trying to reach their slack goal by inviting over cool friends, buying stuff, and performing activities (like getting tattoos and piercings). Each player has a job which provides free time (actions) and income. "Whenever" cards are used to hinder your roommates and defend yourself against uninvited guests. Chez Cthulhu, Dork, Geek, Goth, Greek, Gruny, Guevera, etc.

To help you find what you're interested in more quickly, games are color coded: BG (Board Game), (Computer Games), LARP (Live-Action Role-Playing), Other (Other), Paint (Painting), RPG (Role-Playing Games), TCG (Trading Card Game), and WG (Wargame)