Missoula's Science Fiction & Fantasy Convention

MisCon 33: May 24 - 27, 2019 Missoula, Montana

Current The 13th Age Gaming Schedule

MisCon 33

These tables show the current schedule of The 13th Age for MisCon 33, with the scheduled games in their time slots and listed for each table that that game is using. Only tables where that game is being played will be shown each day.

13th Age was designed to be familiar in terms of setting concepts to D&D players, so it is a class based game with the main rulebook containing standard D&D classes. It's also level based, with ten levels grouped into three tiers. Unlike most other d20 games, 13th Age was designed from the ground up to not use miniatures or a grid, and instead uses abstract distances and positioning. In order to speed up combat the Player Characters gain an escalating bonus to hit equal to the number of rounds that have passed. The skills systems often associated with recent versions of Dungeons and Dragons have been replaced with backgrounds by 13th Age. Players are encouraged to create backstories for their characters that give them bonuses to actions in the game, often asking them to refer to a time in their fictional past when they have dealt with a similar obstacle and how they overcame it or what they learnt from the experience. Other differences from standard d20 games include the backgrounds taking the place of most utility magic, weapon damage dice being determined by class (a feature shared with Dungeon World), spells that are only expended on bad rolls, and recoveries that resemble D&D 4e healing surges.

To help you find what you're interested in more quickly, games are color coded: BG (Board Game), (Computer Games), LARP (Live-Action Role-Playing), OG (Open Gaming), Other (Other), Paint (Painting), RPG (Role-Playing Games), TCG (Trading Card Game), and WG (Wargame)

Saturday Gaming

No The 13th Age scheduled for Saturday.

Sunday Gaming

No The 13th Age scheduled for Sunday.