Missoula's Science Fiction & Fantasy Convention

MisCon 33: Level Up!, May 24 - 27, 2019 Missoula, Montana

Guests, Pros, and Panelists

MisCon 33

Aerial Alchemy LLC

One of the groups that forms the Troupe. A collaboration between Aerial Alchemy LLC, Inner Harmony Yoga, and the UM Circus Club, The Troupe is a collective of Missoula-based circus artists who believe that you don’t have to run away to join the circus! Whether performing at gigs around Montana or hanging out under a local bridge, they can mostly be found upside-down on something or someone! Come learn some skills at one of their many Level Up! Circus Workshops or check them out from afar during performance times!

About Aerial Alchemy LLC

Animal Wonders

About Animal Wonders

Bozeman Paranormal

About Bozeman Paranormal

Butte Magic
Butte Magic

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the chance of a lifetime! Watch, as Eric the Excellent and Sir James of Butte Magic take the stage, to amaze, puzzle, and awe!

Fire eating, sword swallowing, magic, and more! Sideshow? Hardly! This is the main event!

About Butte Magic

Cheeky Geeky Vaudeville

A collaboration of talent and performance including dancers, vocalists, actors and performance artists all paying homage to their favorite films, television shows, video games, comic books, Manga and Japanese Animation.

Creative Directors - Jessa Hinther & Erika Noble
Media Director - Lily Oliver
Tech Director - Alex Saint

About Cheeky Geeky Vaudeville

Inner Harmony Yoga

One of the groups that combines to form The Troupe. A collaboration between Aerial Alchemy LLC, Inner Harmony Yoga, and the UM Circus Club, The Troupe is a collective of Missoula-based circus artists who believe that you don’t have to run away to join the circus! Whether performing at gigs around Montana or hanging out under a local bridge, they can mostly be found upside-down on something or someone! Come learn some skills at one of their many Level Up! Circus Workshops or check them out from afar during performance times!

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Kid's Activities Staff

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MisCon Electronic Gaming

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Montana Melee

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Realm of Stygia
Realm of Stygia

Stygia is the Montana chapter of the Belegarth Medieval Combat Society.

Belegarth is a medieval sword fighting sport where foam padding is used on the weapons to prevent serious physical injury to participants.

There are different levels of play, there are gatherings were a lot of people play at once, and there are small groups and teams that intermingle with other groups. But most importantly Belegarth is a semi-competitive sport where participants can strive to just enjoy playing with others or work at being physically and mentally the best fighter they can be.

About Realm of Stygia

Realms of Avalon
Realms of Avalon

Realms of Avalon is a medieval re-enactment group. We actively study historical subjects and skills. This means instead of just reading about activities and skills used in the past, we actually do them.

About Realms of Avalon

The Troupe

A collaboration between Aerial Alchemy LLC, Inner Harmony Yoga, and the UM Circus Club, The Troupe is a collective of Missoula-based circus artists who believe that you don’t have to run away to join the circus! Whether performing at gigs around Montana or hanging out under a local bridge, they can mostly be found upside-down on something or someone! Come learn some skills at one of their many Level Up! Circus Workshops or check them out from afar during performance times!
See full bio for workshop sign up info!

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UM Circus Club

One of the groups that forms The Troupe. A collaboration between Aerial Alchemy LLC, Inner Harmony Yoga, and the UM Circus Club, The Troupe is a collective of Missoula-based circus artists who believe that you don’t have to run away to join the circus! Whether performing at gigs around Montana or hanging out under a local bridge, they can mostly be found upside-down on something or someone! Come learn some skills at one of their many Level Up! Circus Workshops or check them out from afar during performance times!

About UM Circus Club

Valhalla's Workbench

As an artisan and small business owner, teaching and learning is hisprimary focus. He has taught blacksmithing and other artisanal crafts for several years and graduated with honors in psychology program.

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Watershed Education Network

About Watershed Education Network

Christian Ackerman
Christian Ackerman

Christian Ackerman is an Indy Feature Filmmaker and owner of FastCoast Productions. He specializes in low-budget-no-budget movies and special effects. His works have been seen worldwide on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and on Television. He teaches media classes at Corvallis High School and is a production trainer at the local MCAT television station. He's a professional mime that has performed in First Night Missoula for over 25 years. He's Produced, Written, Directed, and Starred in his personal motion pictures, "Wisconsin Project X", "Terror Vortex", "Zombies of the Living Dead", and currently in production "Grid Street" that can and will be seen on many platforms and TV.

About Christian Ackerman

BJ Allen-Prudden

About BJ Allen-Prudden

Casey Almas

About Casey Almas

Nina Alviar
Nina Alviar

Nina Alviar is a film and television makeup artist, specializing in injury makeup effects for feature films. She has worked for over 13 years in Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, and Montana. Most notably, she was Head of the Makeup Department on Far Cry 5: Inside Eden's Gate, starring Greg Bryk (Bitten) and Kyle Gallner (The Outsiders TV Series.) Recently, Nina was the Head of Makeup Effects for "The Bruce," (an original story that follows Robert the Bruce) - starring Angus Macfadyen (Braveheart) and Zach MacGowan (Guardians of the Galaxy,) to be released in 2019.

About Nina Alviar

Darla Babcock

Darla is a costumer and crafter. She centers her costumes around all her geeky loves. Her cosplay philosophy centers around doing costumes that make her confident and others smile.Having done pirates to princess peach to Merida.

About Darla Babcock

Justin Barba
Justin Barba

Justin Barba came to his first MisCon as a freshman in high school in 1990 (it was MisCon 5!). It was held at what is now the Days Inn, just a block from the Holiday Inn. Little did he know that years later he would end up agreeing to help work the hospitality room for MisCon 20. Then he took on managing the writer's workshop. Then MisCon Operations. Then Vice Chair, then Chair. Now he spends all his time planning MisCon, trying to be a good person, and raising his funny daughter.

About Justin Barba

Jason Benner

About Jason Benner

Carol Berg
Carol Berg

Former software engineer Carol Berg never expected she could write one novel, much less fifteen. Nor did she expect to be a three-time winner of the Colorado Book Award or to see her name in the winners’ list for the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Adult Literature alongside those of literary lights such as Mary Stewart, JRR Tolkien, and Neil Gaiman. Her newest work is the fantasy-adventure "An Illusion of Thieves" under the name of her alter-ego, Cate Glass. She calls it “Mission Impossible meets my version of the Italian Renaissance - with magic.” Carol/Cate lives and writes in the foothills of the Colorado Rockies and on the interwebs at www.carolberg.com or

About Carol Berg

Chris Blazer

About Chris Blazer

Brittanie Boe

Brittanie Boe is a writer, photographer and video producer who founded Be Bold Games in 2018. Her passions include her cat Dax, her daughter Hailey, bouldering, and going on adventures to capture the perfect photos on her camera.
She writes about her perspective as a Latinx woman in gaming and is passionate about intersectional feminism as well as queer inclusion and advocacy. When she’s not tweeting she’s off in the mountains playing ukulele and singing at the top of her tiny lungs.

About Brittanie Boe

M. H. Bonham
M. H. Bonham

M. H. (Maggie) Bonham is an award-winning author and editor of more than 35 books and thousands of short pieces. She is the publisher of Sky Warrior Book Publishing LLC. She is also the author of the bestselling novels Prophecy of Swords, Lachlei, and Howling Dead.

About M. H. Bonham

Bob Brown

About Bob Brown

Jean Carlos

Wife and manager for artist Rob Carlos, I know a lot of the behind the scenes and business side. I am also a geek travel agent arranging travel for GoH's for a few conventions and travel anywhere in the world for conventions or geek tours.

About Jean Carlos

Rob Carlos
Rob Carlos

Rob started his art career working as a graphic designer for a printing company in Florida, playing D&D with friends and drawing and painting whenever possible. When that ended, he started selling prints on his website and was asked to do some paintings for the Robert Jordan Wheel of Time TCG, starting his time as a fantasy artist.
In 2007, Rob started showing his work at Norwescon, and other sci-fi/ fantasy conventions. For years, Rob concentrated on illustrating for independent and small-press writers and musicians. During that time, Add An Accent produced a line of pewter dragons and ceramic tiles based on Rob’s artwork. This year, MGL licensing has chosen to represent Rob.

About Rob Carlos

Brenda Carre
Brenda Carre

Brenda’s Carre writes both long and short fiction. Her work can be found in the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Fiction River Anthologies, Pulp Literature Magazine and in a variety of collaborative works. Brenda challenges herself to write in many genres but with a harkening to native mythologies and the ‘supernatural’ Pacific Northwest where she lives. Find her at www.brendacarre.com

About Brenda Carre

Michael Cassens

About Michael Cassens

Robert Chenoweth
Robert Chenoweth

Bob joined the Army in 1966 and flew combat helicopter missions for a year before being shot down and captured during Tet 1968. He was released from captivity in 1973.

About Robert Chenoweth

Catherine Cooke Montrose

About Catherine Cooke Montrose

Clay Cooper
Clay Cooper

An Army brat, Clay Cooper earned his Eagle Scout at 16 and graduated high school in Frankfurt, Germany.

He did a 4 year stint in the US Air Force as a mechanic on F-117 Stealth Bombers, then joined the US Army. He retired as an Infantry Platoon Sergeant First Class. He served on various combat deployments and peacekeeping missions on 4 continents.

He studied energy technology at the University of Montana. His interests include urban gardening, re-purposing things, and firearms. He gives panels at conventions as a modern armed combat advisor, specializing in helping writers and GMs make their stories more realistic.

About Clay Cooper

H Martin Cox
H Martin Cox

Mr. Cox grew up in Atlanta, Georgia before joining the United States Air Force, and served in Texas, France and Germany. He worked with large mainframe computers, and became a real estate broker before he obtained a nursing degree and practiced as a Registered Nurse. He then began to write and stated he found it more satisfying than his previous endeavors. Finding Fantasy most interesting, intriguing, and rewarding, he currently is working on two series: The Zenith Series and Path of the Flame. He lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

About H Martin Cox

Klarissa Davis

About Klarissa Davis

Dragon Dronet
Dragon Dronet

Dragon Dronet is a weapon specialist, armorer, actor, prop master, and Sith Lord who has worked in Hollywood for decades. He appears as Darth Malgus from the video game Star Wars the Old Republic.

Dragon has build props for tv shows and movies such as Heroes, Lost, True Blood, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Total Recall, RoboCop 2, Batman Returns, Eraser, Alien: Resurrection, MacGyver, Alien Nation, Space Rangers, The X-Files, Babylon 5, and Earth 2, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, Star Trek: First Contact, (among many others).

About Dragon Dronet

Kyle Elliott
Kyle Elliott

Kyle Elliott, a Seattle native, has been building gaming communities for the last decade online as well as off. His latest accolades include Volunteer of the Year for Paizo Publishing, and the first Campaign Service Coin Award. Professionally he has worked in the gaming industry as both an in house QA tester for AAA video game titles, and as a marketing and Kickstarter guide for the tabletop gaming industry. Chances are, you have pledged to at least one of the Kickstarters he has worked for.

Kyle served in Israel as a combat medic and designs, operates, imports, and wholesales fireworks from China, which has allowed him the chance to travel extensively throughout Asia.

About Kyle Elliott

Erik Evjen
Erik Evjen

Erik Evjen is the founder of IGRE Publishing, an independent Table Top Gaming and Entertainment Imprint. As a Game Designer, Erik is currently working on developing the Sword Land RPG System, the Iellos Campaign Setting, and has contributed a number of articles to the EN World En5ider program. As an author, Erik scribed the Songs of Ahrea series, and is currently adapting the series into an ongoing web novel and web comic.

In the past, Erik also was the President of the Sandbaggers Game Club of Great Falls, Montana. He also served as a Board of Directors Member of the Great Falls Gaming Rendezvous, and the Fest Hall Coordinator of the AetherCon Online RPG Convention.

About Erik Evjen

Eric the Excellent
Eric the Excellent

Eric the Excellent excels at entertaining, ergo, Eric's ego is excessive.

Butte magic is happy to be returning to MisCon! Sword swallowing, magic tricks, escapes, children's juggling lessons, and more! Sideshow? Hardly! Ladies, gentlemen, and good people everywhere... Welcome to the main event!

Fire eating, sword swallowing, magic, and more! Sideshow? Hardly! This is the main event!

About Eric the Excellent

Diz Fai

About Diz Fai

Jeff Fennel
Jeff Fennel

Jeff is an award-winning artist & designer in a variety of media and disciplines and teaches digital art and entertainment design at Butte College in Northern California. He has always had a deep passion for science fiction and fantasy and was a quarterly winner in the first Illustrators of the Future competition. He is a juried member of the I.A.A.A., and a frequent guest at sci-fi conventions throughout the western U.S.

His skills in art, design, worldbuilding and storytelling have translated into millions of units sold for major clients like Electronic Arts, Sega, Sony, 3DO, Accolade, TSR, Wizards of the Coast, Warner Brothers, Nickelodeon, and Nintendo.

About Jeff Fennel

Diana Pharaoh Francis
Diana Pharaoh Francis

Diana Pharaoh Francis writes books of a fantastical, adventurous, and often romantic nature. Her award-nominated novels include The Path series, the Crosspointe Chronicles, the Diamond City Magic books, and the Mission: Magic series. Her novels have been translated into German and French. She holds a Ph.D. in Victorian literature and literary theory, and an MA in fiction writing. She’s been teaching for more than 20 years. She’s a member of SFWA and NINC. She’s owned by two corgis, spends much of her time herding children, and likes rocks, geocaching, knotting up yarn, and has a thing for 1800s England, especially the Victorians. For more about her writing, visit www.dianapfrancis.com.

About Diana Pharaoh Francis

Ruth Frey

Ruth Frey, also known as Dame Ruth, has a wide range of interests. Professionally, she works as a technician in a University biology lab, but in her free time she enjoys studying Medieval and Renaissance history as part of Realms of Avalon.

About Ruth Frey

Manny Frishberg

Manny Frishberg was born in the shadow of New York City but has lived on the West Coast for the past 40-plus years. His stories have been appearing in anthologies and magazines since 2010. Before that he held jobs shaping wood, sheet metal and words (not all at once).
An independent book editor, his anthologies, “Horseshoes, Hand Grenades and Magic” and “After the Orange” came out in 2016 and 2018, respectively (and are available in the Dealer’s Room). He and his partner make their home near Seattle.

About Manny Frishberg

Julie Frost

Julie Frost writes every shade of speculative fiction and lives in Utah with her family--six guinea pigs, three humans, a tripod calico cat, and a "kitten" who thinks she's a warrior princess--and a collection of anteaters and Oaxacan carvings, some of which intersect. She enjoys birding and nature photography, which also intersect. Her short fiction has appeared in Monster Hunter Files, Writers of the Future, The District of Wonders, StoryHack, Unlikely Story, Stupefying Stories, and many other venues. Her novel series, "Pack Dynamics," is published by WordFire Press. She whines about writing, a lot, at http://agilebrit.livejournal.com/

About Julie Frost

Brit Garner

About Brit Garner

David Gerrold
David Gerrold

David Gerrold is the author of over 50 books, hundreds of articles and columns, and over a dozen television episodes. He is a classic sci-fi writer that will go down in history as having created some of the most popular and redefining scripts, books, and short stories in the genre.

TV credits include episodes from Star Trek (“The Trouble With Tribbles” and “The Cloud Minders”), Star Trek Animated (“More Tribbles, More Troubles” and “Bem”), Babylon 5, Twilight Zone, Land Of The Lost, and Logan's Run.

He has won both Hugo and Nebula awards for his fiction.

About David Gerrold

Ann Gimpel
Ann Gimpel

Ann Gimpel is a USA Today bestselling author. A lifelong aficionado of the unusual, she began writing speculative fiction a few years ago. Since then her short fiction has appeared in several webzines and anthologies. Her longer books run the gamut from urban fantasy to paranormal romance. Once upon a time, she nurtured clients. Now she nurtures dark, gritty fantasy stories that push hard against reality. When she’s not writing, she’s in the backcountry getting down and dirty with her camera. She’s published over fifty books to date, with several more planned for 2018 and beyond.

About Ann Gimpel

Gail Glass
Gail Glass

Gail Glass is a retired recreation therapist who has been costuming and dancing for fun since childhood. For twenty five years she has mostly stayed behind the scenes at masquerades, doing panels on costuming, alternative medicine and healing dance. Essentially a master hall costumer, she attends several cons a year with her husband, physicist, writer and artist James Glass.

About Gail Glass

James Glass
James Glass

Jim won the Golden pen award of wotf in 1991, has published ten novels and over sixty stories in magazines and anthologies. He is a retired physics professor and dean. His most recent novel, SYNTHS, came out in November of 2018.

About James Glass

Cheryl Glenn

Cheryl Glenn is 30 year veteran of federal law enforcement.

About Cheryl Glenn

Tod Glenn
Tod Glenn

Tod Glenn is a lifelong weapons enthusiast. He has been variously a competitive shooter, federal firearms licensee, firearms manufacturing consultant, knife maker, sword maker, fencing coach and HEMA instructor. He is currently the head coach for the Helena fencing club. He is a frequent contributor to the American Smallsword Symposium and has collaborated on several HEMA related publications.

About Tod Glenn

Tony Gregori
Tony Gregori

professional comic book artist and illustrator

About Tony Gregori

Hugh S. Gregory
Hugh S. Gregory

Hugh S. Gregory: A cancer survivor who is professionally an avid
Spaceflight Historian based in Vancouver, Canada, he has produced and
sold videos on spaceflight history since 1989. His latest research
includes the conceptual theory for the ELDSRR space reactor, Project
MOSS for the Musk Observatory and co-authored a paper in Cartographica
about mapping on Mars. Hugh’s slide/video shows have been appearing at
Conventions across North America and also overseas for over 29 years,
including 11 world cons and 8 Dragon Cons. On weekend's he's an
amateur astronomer, vertical wind tunnel Bodyflyer and skydiver. This
will be Hugh’s 6th appearance at at MisCon.

About Hugh S. Gregory

Jeff Grubb
Jeff Grubb

Jeff Grubb is an author of novels, short stories, comics, and is an RPG and video game designer. Grubb worked on the Dragonlance campaign setting under Tracy Hickman, and the Forgotten Realms setting with Ed Greenwood. His written works include The Finder's Stone Trilogy, the Spelljammer and Jakandor campaign settings and contributions to Dragonlance and the computer game Guild Wars 2. He now works at Amazon Game Studios.

About Jeff Grubb

Vandy Hall
Vandy Hall

Vandy H. Hall is a multi media artist and glass blower from Wilsonville, Oregon.collages /drawings /paintings, & coloring books. Vandy went to school for art history and sculpture, has interned at the Smithsonian Institution, been a teaching assistant at the Corning Museum of Glass, and has traveled North America and Europe to blow glass and participate in viking and medieval reenactments and museum demonstrations. Vandy lives on a small farm near Portland, Oregon, with her family, cats, goats, and chickens. Vandy also enjoys hiking to waterfalls, rock climbing, juggling, & aerial circus arts.

About Vandy Hall

Becky Harouz
Becky Harouz

About Becky Harouz

Nicole Harwood
Nicole Harwood

About Nicole Harwood

James Hayes
James Hayes

GMy name is James Hayes and I will once again be doing Cordials, Liqueurs and Potions for Miscon. This will be the forth instalment of this panel. I am skilled in many areas and have run panels and classes for over twenty years. Hope to see you all at some of them .

About James Hayes

Rhiannon Held
Rhiannon Held

Rhiannon Held writes urban fantasy, along with space opera and weird western (as R. Z. Held). She lives in Seattle, where she works as an archaeologist for an environmental compliance firm. At work, she mostly uses her degree for copy-editing technical reports; in writing, she uses it for cultural world-building; in public, she'll probably use it to check the mold seams on the wine bottle at dinner.

About Rhiannon Held

Randy Henderson

Randy Henderson is the author of a darkly humorous urban fantasy series from TOR that includes Finn Fancy Necromancy, Bigfootloose & Finn Fancy Free, and Smells Like Finn Spirit. He is the Golden Pen Grand Prize winner of Writers of the Future for 2014, and his short stories (in the genres of fantasy and social science fiction) have appeared in numerous professional publications.

About Randy Henderson

Lizzy D. Hill

About Lizzy D. Hill

Jason A. Holt
Jason A. Holt

Jason A. Holt is the author of Galaxy Trucker: Rocky Road and the Edgewhen series of fantasy adventure novels. He also writes rulebooks for board games. Jason has worked on over 40 games, and he designed the English-language word list for Codenames. You can learn more at jasonaholt.com.

About Jason A. Holt

Sierra Dawn Holt
Sierra Dawn Holt

Sierra Stoneberg Holt has a doctorate in botany that she earned in the Czech Republic. (All her classes were in Czech, but she got to defend her dissertation in English.) She's using it on a 100-year-old family ranch where she gets to practice useful skills like hand milking cows, making cheese, monitoring ecosystem health, handling cattle on horseback, producing electricity, and teaching.

About Sierra Dawn Holt

Mary Beth Horvath

About Mary Beth Horvath

Meradeth Houston
Meradeth Houston

Meradeth Houston lives in Montana where she’s an anthropology professor and scientist. If you let her, she’ll tell you more than you ever wanted to know about getting DNA out of dead stuff. She enjoys escaping the snow by imagining herself back in her favorite places in her home state of California, with a little drama or supernatural flare added in.
She’s a proud dog mom and represented by Cristi Marchetti.

About Meradeth Houston

Andrea Howe
Andrea Howe

Andrea Howe has been adeptly wrangling the written word for two decades. As a freelancer, she has edited books for such notable publishers as Wizards of the Coast, McGraw-Hill, and Random House as well as for individual authors. She has been called a "natural" and truly enjoys her work. She offers tips and tools for writers on her Web site and posts fun tidbits about language and grammar on her Facebook page. More information can be found at www.bluefalconediting.com and www.facebook.com/bluefalconediting.

About Andrea Howe

Jeff Howe
Jeff Howe

For more than 20 years, Jeff worked in publishing, focusing on newspapers, magazines, blogs, and newsletters in such diverse subjects as aviation and aerospace, sports, automotive, and the outdoors. From staff writer to editor, Jeff has worked across all facets of publication production on a national and international scale.

About Jeff Howe

Luke Hutson
Luke Hutson

Luke Hutson is a professional Game Master, Improv comedian, and technology teacher. He teaches Game and Animation Design for middle schoolers in the Coeur d'Alene Idaho area. He runs games with Black Shield Productions and on his own. You can see him perform with the Improv Co-Op, he also teaches improv and drama for grades 3rd-8th. He also does the Alone at the Table Podcast discussing movies and weird theories about them.

About Luke Hutson

Esther Jones

Esther Jones began life as a strange, fey child who always made up her own bedtime stories– and sometimes– even managed to scare her parents with them. At some point during her childhood, she decided she would grow up to be a world famous illustrator of fairies or a poet. But during college, as a concession to providing herself with future food and clothing, switched her major to a technical communications degree instead. She wrote legal briefs, grant proposals, business brochures, and similar documents, but didn’t pick up a pen creatively for a decade after abandoning her poetic hubris.

In order to prove to herself that she could still write a short story, she set

About Esther Jones

Frog Jones
Frog Jones

Frog Jones writes alongside is wife, Esther Jones. Together, they appear in numerous anthologies and are the authors of The Gift of Grace series. He is also the acquisitions editor for Impulsive Walrus Books and a staff writer and podcaster for Unified Nerd Theory.

About Frog Jones

James Jones

About James Jones

MaryAlice Jones

About MaryAlice Jones

Sir. James Jones
Sir. James Jones

Butte Magic provides magic shows, side-shows, and variety style entertainment to all of Montana and the surrounding area.

Together with our sister company, Sound Geeks DJ and Sound, the Butte Magic team is dedicated to providing top quality shows and jaw dropping feats! We perform at private parties, corporate events, fundraisers, and just about anywhere our talents are appreciated.

Check us out online, at www.buttemagic.com or drop us a like on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/buttemagic

Web site: http://www.buttemagic.comhotmail.com

About Sir. James Jones

Dean Keith
Dean Keith

Dean has been running/playing RPGs for 30 years.

About Dean Keith

Brent Kellmer

Brent Kellmer is a Canadian who is currently living in Seattle with his family, a Pomeranian, and a Pomsky puppy (half Pom, half Husky). He is a former medieval history professor who now writes for a living. During the day he documents artificial intelligence work, and the rest of the time, he writes epic fantasy. He is available for weddings and bar mitzvahs.

About Brent Kellmer

Alisha Knaff

Alisha A. Knaff lives in Seattle with her two cats, Hal and Odin, who consistently assure her that she is in no danger of becoming a crazy cat lady. By day, she works to promote other people's products, and by night she weaves bizarre imaginations into hopefully coherent tales. Her urban fantasy novel, School of Sight is available through Razorgirl Press.

About Alisha Knaff

Jessi Knudsen-Casteneda

About Jessi Knudsen-Casteneda

Sanan Kolva
Sanan Kolva

Sanan Kolva is a technical editor by day, and writer of epic and steampunk fantasy the rest of the time. She is the author of The Chosen of the Spear series and The Silverline Chronicles, and her short fiction appears in a number of anthologies. When not writing, she enjoys baking and decorating cakes. She can be found at http://sanankolva.com.

About Sanan Kolva

Tess Langston

About Tess Langston

Corry L. Lee
Corry L. Lee

Corry L. Lee is a science fiction and fantasy author, Ph.D. physicist, award-winning science teacher, data geek, and mom. Her historical fantasy novel, Weave the Lightning, releases in Spring 2020 from Rebellion. Her science fiction short story "Shutdown" won the Writers of the Future award. In Ph.D. research at Harvard, she shed light on the universe fractions of a second after the Big Bang. At Amazon, she connected science to technology, improving customer experience through online experimentation. She's obsessed with nordic skiing, fancy coffee, and does everything to 11. Visit her website at www.corrylee.com

About Corry L. Lee

Rebekah Leib
Rebekah Leib

Rebekah Leib is a medievalist & historical re-creationist specializing in the Norse Viking era & Bronze Age Scythian cultures.

About Rebekah Leib

Molly Lloyd

About Molly Lloyd

Todd Lockwood
Todd Lockwood

Todd is a world-renowned illustrator of the fantastic, seen on book and game covers, in art competition catalogs and art shows internationally. He is best known for his work on the role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons, and for his covers for the books of R.A. Salvatore. His art has also appeared in books from Tor Books, DAW Books, and on magazine covers, including Satellite Orbit magazine in 1984-1985, Asimov's Science Fiction, Analog Science Fiction and Science Fact, Realms of Fantasy, Dragon Magazine, and Dungeon Magazine.

About Todd Lockwood

John Logan

About John Logan

Joseph Malik
Joseph Malik

Joseph Malik is the critically acclaimed and bestselling author of Dragon's Trail, which is being hailed as the first fantasy technothriller. He writes and lectures on advanced intelligence theory and asymmetric warfare for the U.S. military, and has worked as a stuntman, a high-rise window washer, a computational linguist, a touring rock musician, and a soldier in the United States Special Operations Command. A veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom, he lives in the Pacific Northwest along with his wife and their two dogs. Member, SFWA.

About Joseph Malik

Lynn Martyn

Lynn, or JasperSellene graduated with a major in Costume Design and Technology and often jokes that is her only life skill. However she also has hobbies in writing poetry, history, fashion, and performing.

About Lynn Martyn

Patty Mascia
Patty Mascia

Kids' Activities, Programming (Geek Discussion), Rainbows

About Patty Mascia

James Maxwell

About James Maxwell

Matt McAdoo

About Matt McAdoo

Seth McClain

About Seth McClain

Byron McCoy

About Byron McCoy

Tod McCoy
Tod McCoy

Tod McCoy is a Seattle writer whose work has appeared in Starward Tales II, Asimov’s, The People’s Apocalypse, Bronies: For the Love of Ponies, AntipodeanSF.com, Qarrtsiluni.com, and The Gloaming. A Clarion West graduate and current board member, he’s the publisher of Hydra House, whose catalog includes Telling Tales, edited by Ellen Datlow, and two collections by Cat Rambo: Near+Far, which generated a Nebula nomination, and Neither Here Nor There.

About Tod McCoy

Doug McDonald

About Doug McDonald

Michael McWatters

About Michael McWatters

Theresa Miller

About Theresa Miller

Pat Nelson
Pat Nelson

Pat Nelson has been involved with fire suppression in one aspect or another for over twenty-five years. He is currently an Assistant Chief and a training officer in Butte Silver Bow's volunteer fire service. Due to an error in judgement in his youth he possesses both Bachelors and Masters of Fine Arts degrees in theatre design/technology, so he spends winters working in the arts--specifically as technical director of the Mother Lode Theatre in Butte, Montana, where he has been for the last ten years. Pat also enjoys gaming, writing, and spending time with his wife and cats.

About Pat Nelson

Andy Nickerson

About Andy Nickerson

John D. Nilles
John D. Nilles

John resides in Montana where he operates With A Cause Productions and teaches a series of in-depth filmmaking classes. He currently has several films in various stages of development. His latest feature, Saving For The Day, is slated to be released later this year.

About John D. Nilles

Erika Noble
Erika Noble

Slightly eccentric computer tech with a love of costuming and dance.

About Erika Noble

Tim Nydell

Tim Nydell is the creator and host of the Saturday Morning Rewind Cartoon Podcast. He interviews many of the greats in the world of animation and voice-over. Over the last 5 years he has interviewed: Jim Cummings (Darkwing Duck), Michael Bell (GI Joe / Smurfs), Lisa Henson (Jim Henson's daughter), Kevin Conroy (Batman), Dave Coulier (Full House), Tom Kenny (SpongeBob), Rob Paulsen (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Christopher Sabat (Dragon Ball Z), Caroll Spinney (Big Bird), Marc Summers (Double Dare), and many others. Find him online at: www.SaturdayMorningRewind.com (The podcast is available wherever you find podcasts. All of the links can be found on his website)

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Lily Oliver

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Matty Oliver

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Joshua Pate-Terry

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Cale Patenaude

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L.F. Patten
L.F. Patten

L.F. Patten has often characterized her multitude of interests as “A.D.D of the right brain.” Degreed in history and anthropology, her checkered career has included work as an archaeologist on medieval/castle sites in England, a tour guide at the Smithsonian, a history teacher, herbalist, book editor, actress, jewelry designer, and pottery/jewelry instructor. She has also been a writer
for more than 30 years, publishing both articles and short stories. Her debut novel, the heroic fantasy The Talent Sinistral, launched at World Fantasy Con in 2014, was written in loving tribute to fellow right-brainers everywhere. .

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Frank Pruett

Frank is a passionate gamer and avid reader of various genres. With close to 20 years of DMing and playing experience he is an asset to any gaming group. He is also prior military with 6 years of service in the US Army Signal Corps.

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Dan Reeser

Dan Reeser is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker from Maryland who has lived in Montana for that past eight years. He enjoys video games, table top games, and RPGs. Dan loves science fiction and fantasy with some occasional horror. He is the Game Master that doesn't want to actively kill or maim your characters. And the rules can always be bent if they entertain the Game Master. Dan will forget your name and will usually be too embarrassed to ask. Dan also has a great book in him that will eventually be written.

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Julie Reeser
Julie Reeser

Julie Reeser has work published in over a dozen anthologies and magazines, most recently Montana Mouthful and FrostFire Worlds. Her poetry chapbook is titled, Terracotta Pomegranate. She's currently querying two manuscripts.

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Joyce Reynolds-Ward
Joyce Reynolds-Ward

Joyce Reynolds-Ward is a speculative fiction writer who splits her time between Enterprise and Portland, Oregon. Her short stories have appeared in Well…It’s Your Cow, Children of a Different Sky, Steam. And Dragons, Allegory, River, and Fantasy Scroll Magazine, among others. Her books include Shadow Harvest, Alien Savvy, Netwalking Space, Pledges of Honor, Challenges of Honor, and Klone’s Stronghold. Projected 2019 book publications include Beating the Apocalypse and Choices of Honor. Joyce has edited two anthologies, Pulling Up Stakes (2018), and Whimsical Beasts (2019). Besides writing, Joyce enjoys reading, quilting, horses, skiing, and outdoor activities.

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Katie Rhodes

I am the owner of DigiKat Cosplay in Missoula MT. I have been cosplaying for over 20 years. I love all areas of cosplay spanning numerous fandoms, especially the underdogs.

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Grant Riddell

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Ruby Riddle

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William C. Riley
William C. Riley

William C. Riley is a recent graduate of the University of Montana, where he received two Bachelors of Arts in English, focusing on geek literature and comics, and in Anthropology, focusing on culture, gender, and identity. He has delivered academic papers at International, National, and Regional conferences on topics spanning from dwarven women and their beards to graphic representations of Irish American super-heroes. He will be pursuing a graduate degree, as he continues to explore super hero comics as a form of Modern American Folklore.

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Jesse Rockwood

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Nikki Rossignol
Nikki Rossignol

Nikki Rossignol is an illustrator and ballerina from Montana. She is currently illustrating a mythology-based brand for Down The Road Brewing Company in Boston, MA. Previously, Rossignol worked as a court-room sketch artist for Dateline NBC, concept artist for Peach Pit films, and dancer in multiple companies including Donlavey and Mimoda of Los Angeles, and Chicago Light Opera Works. Rossignol currently lives in a wooded glen with her husband Jordan, daughter Elke, and dingo.

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Caitlin Sager

Caitlin began cosplaying over fifteen years ago before she even knew what the term meant at an opening night costume contest for Fellowship of the Ring. She was delighted to learn about an entire community dedicated to the fun art, and has enjoyed it ever since.

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Greg Schneider
Greg Schneider

Greg is a life long gamer and has been running events at Miscon for the past twenty years. He has run a game store, run a gaming convention, written a gaming column, been president of a gaming club and started Black Shield Productions, a gaming event company. Greg is currently working on Fantasy Live, a live action D&D style role-playing game and will be hosting a prototype of Fantasy Live Friday and Saturday nights.

Follow Greg's gaming on Twitter @BurnBlackRose or his politics stuff @schneiderlorax

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Meagan Scruggs

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Candi Lyn Siemens

Candi Lyn Siemens grew up in the shadow of a nuclear power plant. A person cannot grow up in a place like that during the tail end of the Cold War and not dream about invasions, aliens, or apocalypses.

Candi earned a BA in Social Sciences after studying Theater Arts, English, and History, and is completing her MA in Teaching English. She writes fantasy, from tradition to urban to space fantasy.

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Lee Stahl

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Brooke Stanley
Brooke Stanley

Brooke H. Stanley, RN is modern day Bard. Scrapping, skulking and schmoozing are reoccurring themes in his as yet never ending story. With Bachelor’s degrees in English and Nursing as well a fist full of apparently useless graduate work he is both over educated and very friendly. Stanley has been burned, shot and driven for spymasters and U. S. Presidents. In 2016, he was named Arctic Logistics Officer for Team Monkey, an international research organization devoted to the advancement of Anthropoid/Simian commensalism (for realsies!) He has a lovely singing voice and likes both cats and dogs equally.

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Jeff Sturgeon
Jeff Sturgeon

Jeff is a nationally knows award winning artist and creator/visionary. He has a 30 year career as a professional artist and was Miscon30 Artist Guest of Honor.

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Patrick Swenson
Patrick Swenson

Patrick Swenson edited Talebones magazine for 14 years, and he still runs Fairwood Press, a book line, which began in 2000. A graduate of Clarion West, his first novel The Ultra Thin Man appeared from Tor. The sequel is The Ultra Big Sleep. He has sold stories to the anthology Unfettered III, Like Water for Quarks, and magazines such as Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Fantasy Magazine, Figment, and others. He runs the Rainforest Writers Village retreat every spring at Lake Quinault, Washington. He's been a high school teacher for 35 years. He lives in Bonney Lake, Washington with his son Orion.

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Kaye Thornbrugh

Kaye Thornbrugh is a fantasy author, reporter and apprentice DM. She lives in the beautiful Inland Northwest, and though she hasn’t seen any faeries in the woods just yet, she remains optimistic. Visit her online at www.kayethornbrugh.com.

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Jason Tupek

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Chad Volpe
Chad Volpe

Composer, Technologist, Swordsman
(Keyboardist, IT Professional, Martial Artist)

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Krista Wallace
Krista Wallace

Krista writes novel length and short fiction, primarily in the fantasy genre, but also dabbles in science fiction, crime and romance. She writes in a closet in Port Coquitlam, BC. Her story "To Serve and Protect" appears in the Aurora-nominated 49th Parallels anthology, (Bundoran Press), and she also has work in Pulp Literature and Electric Spec. She has been a finalist in several contests (SiWC, PNWA, Colorado Gold), and won a couple of them (Pulp Literature, Fraser Valley Writers). Her theatre background has led her to being Musical Director for highschool productions (Rent, In the Heights, Anything Goes, etc.), to co-create a play with her husband and two offspring in the Victoria

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Dean Wells
Dean Wells

Dean Wells is author of the ongoing Clockwork Millennials series appearing in Beneath Ceaseless Skies. He has also written for the performing arts in various capacities. Dean is an active member of SFWA, and teaches writing at Tacoma Community College in Washington.

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Wanda Weston

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Clare Wood
Clare Wood

Clare Wood is a co-owner and the editorial director of Self-Publishing Services LLC, along with Danica Winters and Melanie Calahan. She's looking forward to meeting other writers and editors at MisCon 2018.
SPS is a Missoula-based company that helps writers get published by whatever route they choose: traditional, self, or hybrid. We offer a suite of services ranging from writing coaching to marketing.
Clare is also an author in her own right, writing genre fiction under the pen name Clare Tallier.
Before she joined SPS, Clare was a journalist. Her last newspaper was the Austin American-Statesman, and her last website was MSN.com.

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Lacy Zee
Lacy Zee

Lacy Zee is an international tattoo artist with over 19 years in the industry. She is capable of any style of tattooing but prefers realism and new skool. Lacy is also known as "Her Sexcellency" Vox Moxxi of The Cigarette Girls Burlesque, with whom she has been teasing and tantalizing audiences for the last
seven years.

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