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Realm of Stygia

MisCon 33 Panel Volunteer

Stygia is the Montana chapter of the Belegarth Medieval Combat Society.

Belegarth is a medieval sword fighting sport where foam padding is used on the weapons to prevent serious physical injury to participants.

There are different levels of play, there are gatherings were a lot of people play at once, and there are small groups and teams that intermingle with other groups. But most importantly Belegarth is a semi-competitive sport where participants can strive to just enjoy playing with others or work at being physically and mentally the best fighter they can be.

Belegarth's chief difference from other medieval combat groups come in the level of contact, role-playing and costs to play.

Belegarth combat is a full contact sport. This differentiates it from other foam combat games in that we allow grappling, shield kicks and bashes and do not require participants to pull blows. This allows for fast paced, hard fighting.

Belegarth participants are also not required to roleplay, although it is certainly encouraged. Many foam combat groups have races, classes, magic and roleplaying integrated into the gameplay. Belegarth's combat system is focused entirely on just that: combat.

Stygia was originally formed under the realm name of Gorothannon in 2001.

There are several groups, called units, within our realm. We have a unit of Orcs and various monsters that banded together to form the Uruk Hai. There is also a unit of mercenaries that formed to be a fighting unit against the Uruk Hai...they are known as the Dread Gate Mercenary Alliance. We have a few other units such as the Shadow Clan and the Freeholders. Races vary from humans to trolls to pixies and dragonkin.

Belegarth allows for great amounts of creativity in your character. You can be just about anything you want within the realm of medieval fantasy but your character type does not allow for any special treatment. Combat rules are the same to everyone...regardless if you are a heavily armored dragonkin or a tiny little pixie.

While many of us really enjoy the costume and character aspects of this game, Belegarth is a combat game first and foremost. One thing we Belegrim love more than anything else is new people! We all remember what it was like to be new and feel like a fool out on the field and we are happy to lend a little help to get you started!

Web site: http://www.belegarth.com/

Realm of Stygia is not yet scheduled for any programming.