Missoula's Science Fiction & Fantasy Convention

MisCon 33: Level Up!, May 24 - 27, 2019 Missoula, Montana

Costuming Guests, Pros, and Panelists

MisCon 33

Everything related to costuming: learn how to make your own costumes of different types from steampunk to Star Wars to Victorian dresses to monsters.

Eekie and Snow Cosplay

Montana natives Eekie and Snow are ready to help you create and conquer the costumes of your imagination. Eekie has been an active performer for 6 years and a costumer for 10 years: crying and sewing her way through many an event and creation. She specializes in cosplay that can be worn for performance purposes whether it be for dance, music, or LARP as well as thermoplastics and EVA foam armor. Snow has been an active costumer and prop builder for 4 years. She specializes in working with thermoplastics, craft/EVA foam, and electronics to bring an otherworldly flair to the design. They have been a team for the past 6 years and look forward to sharing their passion with you.

About Eekie and Snow Cosplay

Realm of Stygia
Realm of Stygia

Stygia is the Montana chapter of the Belegarth Medieval Combat Society.

Belegarth is a medieval sword fighting sport where foam padding is used on the weapons to prevent serious physical injury to participants.

There are different levels of play, there are gatherings were a lot of people play at once, and there are small groups and teams that intermingle with other groups. But most importantly Belegarth is a semi-competitive sport where participants can strive to just enjoy playing with others or work at being physically and mentally the best fighter they can be.

About Realm of Stygia

Nina Alviar
Nina Alviar

Nina Alviar is a film and television makeup artist, specializing in injury makeup effects for feature films. She has worked for over 13 years in Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, and Montana. Most notably, she was Head of the Makeup Department on Far Cry 5: Inside Eden's Gate, starring Greg Bryk (Bitten) and Kyle Gallner (The Outsiders TV Series.) Recently, Nina was the Head of Makeup Effects for "The Bruce," (an original story that follows Robert the Bruce) - starring Angus Macfadyen (Braveheart) and Zach MacGowan (Guardians of the Galaxy,) to be released in 2019.

About Nina Alviar

Christine Barkl

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Josie Beaudoin

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Chris Blazer

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Klarissa Davis

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Dragon Dronet
Dragon Dronet

Dragon Dronet is a weapon specialist, armorer, actor, prop master, and Sith Lord who has worked in Hollywood for decades. He appears as Darth Malgus from the video game Star Wars the Old Republic.

Dragon has build props for tv shows and movies such as Heroes, Lost, True Blood, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Total Recall, RoboCop 2, Batman Returns, Eraser, Alien: Resurrection, MacGyver, Alien Nation, Space Rangers, The X-Files, Babylon 5, and Earth 2, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, Star Trek: First Contact, (among many others).

About Dragon Dronet

Gail Glass
Gail Glass

Gail Glass is a retired recreation therapist who has been costuming and dancing for fun since childhood. For twenty five years she has mostly stayed behind the scenes at masquerades, doing panels on costuming, alternative medicine and healing dance. Essentially a master hall costumer, she attends several cons a year with her husband, physicist, writer and artist James Glass.

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Becky Harouz
Becky Harouz

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Lynn Martyn

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Matt McAdoo

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Andy Nickerson

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Erika Noble
Erika Noble

Slightly eccentric computer tech with a love of costuming and dance.

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Lily Oliver

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Cale Panetaude

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Katie Rhodes

I have been cosplaying since I was 8 years old and started making my own cosplays when I was 10. I started DigiKat Cosplay in 2007 after the birth of my first daughter, mostly teaching kids how to make their own cosplays. My family moved to Missoula in 2012 where I opened as a licensed costume studio. I work in commissions as well as teaching.

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Caitlin Sager

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Melissa Thompson

Melissa Thompson is a local artist and body painter.

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Chad Volpe
Chad Volpe

Composer, Technologist, Swordsman
(Keyboardist, IT Professional, Martial Artist)

About Chad Volpe

Lacy Zee
Lacy Zee

Lacy Zee is an international tattoo artist with over 19 years in the industry. She is capable of any style of tattooing but prefers realism and new skool. Lacy is also known as "Her Sexcellency" Vox Moxxi of The Cigarette Girls Burlesque, with whom she has been teasing and tantalizing audiences for the last
seven years.

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