Missoula's Science Fiction & Fantasy Convention

MisCon 39: Hive of Scum and Villainy, May 23 - 26, 2025 Missoula, Montana

About MisCon

MisCon 39

What's MisCon?

MisCon simply is Montana's premier science fiction convention, celebrating fandom in Montana. So, what does that mean?

  • MisCon is a celebration of literacy and the arts.
  • MisCon is an opportunity for aspiring writers to gather and critique each other's works.
  • MisCon is a venue where science fiction and fantasy fans can meet authors, artists and other professionals.
  • MisCon is a celebration of fandom in general.
  • MisCon is a great opportunity for role-players to get together for some great gaming.
  • MisCon is an opportunity for like-minded individuals to gather and have a great weekend together celebrating science fiction and its sister genres.

This 4 day celebration of literacy and the arts is held Friday to Monday, Memorial Day weekend each year. MisCon offers families an opportunity to share an experience both fun and educational.

What Is a Science Fiction Convention?

A science fiction convention is an opportunity for fans of topics such as speculative fiction and science to meet and learn about or discuss these particular interests. Speculative fiction includes science fiction, fantasy, horror, and alternative history, among others. Some cons focus solely on science fiction topics while others, like MisCon, expand into other genres.

Science fiction conventions typically include opportunities for fans to meet artists, performers, authors, and other professionals involved in various forms of science fiction expression. Sci-fi cons also offer attendees an opportunity to purchase books, games, art and other products from merchants or through auctions. Cons usually also provide panels and/or workshops on specific topics to help aspiring artists, performers or writers.

More on science fiction conventions is available from Wikipedia.

What Is Offered at MisCon

MisCon offers discussion panels on the crafts of writing, art, contemporary science trends, cinema and theater, author readings, an art show and auction, and 24 hour gaming, MisCon has something for everyone with an interest in the science fiction, fantasy, or horror genres. Come and meet authors, artists, actors and other professionals in the world of speculative fiction and science, browse our merchants room, view and purchase beautiful art, enjoy the variety of costumes, take in a game or two and enjoy a snack or meal in our hospitality suite. Whatever your interests, MisCon has something to fascinate, educate and entertain you.

Where Do I Sign-Up for MisCon

Registration for MisCon is easy. You can register at the front desk when you arrive, or you can pre-register on-line (be sure to pay through PayPal to insure your registration is saved).

Who Is MisCon

MisCon is put together each year by a team of volunteers, a.k.a. ConCom.