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MisCon 38: the Dark Forest, May 24 - 27, 2024 Missoula, Montana

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MisCon has returned to Missoula and reporter Lilian Langston met up with these characters and has their unique story.

"As my one friend says it, that he is geek orthodox. He shares what is him, what is nerd to him what is geek to him, what makes him who he is," Kynric de Coventry of the Society for Creative Anarchronism said.

Characters from far and wide arrived for a celebration in literacy and the arts, and de Coventry is one of those characters.

It's the second time he has had the opportunity to visit MisCon and he plans to come again.

The convention holds a special place in de Coventry's heart because the society he is a part of is only possible at this convention.

The Society for Creative Anachronism is an international group that aims to study and recreate Medieval European cultures.

"Got together in the backyard and said 'my lady is more beautiful than yours.' And they said 'well how are we going to decide? Well we're going to take trash can lids and sticks and we are going to decide whose lady is the most fair of all'," de Coventry recalled.

But the combat fighting isn't all MisCon has to offer for the hundreds of characters that poured through the doors.

"We have all sorts of folks who come in here and we've got people with all sorts of interests. Everything from science to fantasy books for our authors to who folks who are here for just to play games, we have people who are big into costuming," explained MisCon's Amber Edwards.

With the array of possibilities attendees can dive into, craftsmanship and sales is a big part according to Savage Norde's Kristen Jackson.

"We mostly do custom knives and swords, but we do chain-mail, leather work. Just about whatever somebody can come up with we do."

She says that conventions like MisCon give people the opportunity to take their passion and learn more about it.

"The good part of this is it's educational and it also gives uh, people the ability to get out and meet people that are kind of like minded."

The costumes, the crafts, the writing and the works are all indications that MisCon is a welcoming event - to every fan and every character.

"Each person is an individual, each person has so many different interests and likes and skills and knowledge. And we share them all, and in so doing, we build and grow each other," de Coventry concluded.

The convention takes place on Memorial Day weekend every year. Visit www.miscon.org to learn more.

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