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MisCon Cancelled for 2020

MisCon 34

We're sad to announce that CV-19 has forced us to cancel MisCon 34: Carnival of Wonders.

We've been watching and waiting, trying to do our due diligence, but it's become obvious that we would be irresponsible to try to forge ahead and hold the convention this year. I don't think we need to go into great detail about why it would be bad to gather 2,000 people together in close quarters. The state of the pandemic at this point makes things pretty obvious.

The concom is sad about it, the pros and GoHs are sad about it, and we know our attendees are sad about it, particularly because it would be nice to have MisCon to look forward to once this all passes. We wish we could have helped make everyone feel a little better.

The good news is that our GoHs, Charlaine Harris, Dan Dos Santos, and Patricia Briggs have all agreed to join us for MisCon 35 May 28-31 2021. Jim Butcher is going to see how events play out this year, and while we hope he will also return in 2021, he hasn't committed at this time.

The Holiday Inn has canceled all hotel reservations for this year. We're working with them to get everything in place for MisCon in 2021. We should be able to have a room block set up soon (as of right now they have blocked out the hotel for us for 2021).

As per MisCon's registration policy, memberships for this year's convention will be automatically rolled over to next year's convention. The same goes for merchants. If you have questions, please contact Convention Chair Justin Barba at chair@miscon.org.

To answer a few questions I've gotten pretty often lately:

We're not going to postpone until a later date in 2020. We're going to put on a couple bigger Game Days than we usually would in an effort to make up for missing this year.

We're planning to keep the Carnival of Wonders theme, but it might change a bit to reflect this whole ordeal.

I know this isn't what many people wanted to hear, and I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but we had to be responsible, even if it means letting everybody down. We'll keep everyone up to date with developments at MisCon.org, and on Facebook and Twitter.

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