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More Costumes to be Had!

MisCon 35

More Costumes to be Had!

The MotherLode really appreciates the first round of costume collection by wonderful MisCon and MisCon adjacent costumers and have agreed to open the attic for a second opportunity.

On Saturday, August 22, 2020, at 11:30am we'll be able to get into the costume stores at the MotherLode to take our pick of what costuming there is, as well as a variety of props and some set pieces.

Bring tubs, totes, bags, suitcases, or whatever else you can think of to put clothes, hats, shoes and much more in to add to your collection. There are still many pieces left!

People interested in costume pieces (mostly mid 20th century and/or formal-wear) should contact tech@miscon.org to make sure your name is on the list. In addition to the costume pieces and loads of footwear, there are some prop pieces and even some set pieces available. Sometime soon these pieces will be thrown out or destroyed as they need to get out of the building.

Due to Covid-19, face masks will be required inside the building, and if we get a large number of people signed up, we may need to limit the number of people in the building at one time.

Save the date: 11:00AM Aug 22, 2020

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