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Sad but True: MisCon Cancelled for 2021

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As per MisCon Chair Justin Barba on Facebook February 2, 2021:

I'm sure everyone understands what's going on, but uncertainty about the pandemic is forcing us to cancel MisCon for 2021.

Even if things clear up enough by May, there's no way to plan to hold an in-person convention with such short notice.

To put on MisCon, we need GoHs, pros, panelists, GMs, convention staff, and most important of all, our attendees who actually pay MisCon's bills, and right now, we just can't plan on having enough of any of these groups come attend.

Putting on MisCon costs a lot of money, and we're not going to risk the convention's future by trying to do too much too soon.

I know a lot of people wish we would just postpone and try to hold out later in the year, but we're not going to do that for a few reasons (we don't want to compete with fall conventions, and we don't want to try to compress MisCons and have one in the fall and one in the spring).

If things are safe this summer, we'll probably do a BBQ and a game day, although we said the same thing last year and weren't able to do it. We'll take that as it comes.

We ARE looking at doing something free online over Memorial Day weekend 2021, but we're not yet sure of how small this will be.

Just like last year, if you're registered for a canceled MisCon, we're just moving your registration forward to the next MisCon. If rates increase (through increased costs to MisCon), you will already be all set and won't have to pay more.

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