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MisCon 38: the Dark Forest, May 24 - 27, 2024 Missoula, Montana

MisCon 35 Would Be...

MisCon 35

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In a normal year, there would be a swarm of MisCon staff and volunteers invading the Holiday Inn Downtown Missoula alongside hotel staff getting MisCon set up.

Henry and Corwyn would be yelling at people about getting this or that to the right place and shouldering boxes or pushing carts. Kim would be running around with signs and posters and other decoration. Nicole and Kay would be getting everything ready for the Guests of Honor and the pros and panelists. Keith would be walking through with hotel staff reaffirming the schedule for all the room changes. Andrea would be supervising hanging art and getting it all lit just right. Amanda would be checking in merchants and showing them their spaces. Stewart and Frank would be checking all the gaming signup sheets and adjusting tables in all the gaming rooms. Courtney would be finding all the volunteers and evaluating where they were needed most. Jeff would be handing out people's badges and then telling them to move out of the way or go to Courtney so she could put them to work. Justin and Becky would be overseeing all of their minions floundering helplessly just so 2,000-odd freaks and geeks could get their full-fledged nerd on for four glorious days.

But, again, this has not been a normal year.

The entire MisCon staff is saddened that we are unable to have MisCon for a second year in a row. These past sixteen or so months have been right out of our favorite (or maybe most despised) sci-fi tales or horror stories. We miss all of you. All of our attendees. All of our artists. All of our pros, speakers, vendors, and game masters who make the convention possible. All of our long-time friends who we see once a year at a marvelous event in a lovely little city in the mountains of western Montana. We miss you and it is heartbreaking not to get to see you all.

But things are looking up!

Because people are getting vaccinated and contagion rates are declining rapidly, we are looking at a possible game day in the near future, and maybe some other MisCon events as we can get things scheduled and arrange for facilities. Keep an eye on our web site, Facebook page, and Twitter feed for details.

We are getting started on planning for MisCon 36: Carnival of Wonders for Memorial Day 2022 and hope to have a great event. Please get vaccinated - and get your boosters when available - so things continue to improve and we can see you all in person NEXT May!

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