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Fall Game Day

MisCon 25

Fall Game Day
  • Save the date: 10:00AM Dec 4, 2010

MisCon and the Missoula Roleplayers Club present the Fall Game Day on December 4, 2010 at the UM University Center in Rooms 330 and 331 from 10AM to 10PM.

Admission and parking are FREE.

There will be open tables if you want to bring a game to play, but we have scheduled games as well.

Robert Parker (Missoula Roleplayer's Club) will be running a sanctioned Pathfinder Society scenario.

Justin Farrington will be running Descent.

Patrick Ellison will be running the Cold Steel Reign RPG.

Robert Thomson, from 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming, will be running Pathfinder, "Escape from the Goblin King's Dungeon".

Quasijoe will be running Loony Bin.

Check back for more details.

Email the MisCon Gamechair if you want to schedule a game. We can schedule a table and advertise it on the game day page of the MisCon website.

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