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George R. R. Martin - MisCon 2012

MisCon 26

GRRM in Missoula after watching the screening of Blackwater with us. (Yes he was there and we all got to watch that episode with him. Be jealous. Be very very very jealous.)

We had Discussion Tiemz after the episode, pretty much about whatever we wanted.

But we got to the topic of how no one was wearing helmets. And why on earth no one in film or television ever wears a helmet. And why this person who never wears a helmet never gets injured. (Of course in the back of my mind I'm just thinking: Well come on, Stannis is Stannis and Stannis is the most Bad Ass Motherf***er Ever. But that was beside the point.)

This particular story, however, is about while he was working on the Twilight Zone. And what happens when you don't wear a helmet.

And probably the actual inspiration for Tyrion Lannister losing his nose. Maybe.

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