Missoula's Science Fiction & Fantasy Convention

MisCon 37: Monster Mash-up, May 26 - 29, 2023 Missoula, Montana

MisCon Announcements

MisCon 37

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MisCon 37 Announcements:

Thanks for a great time!

We had a great a time hosting Game Day at the Public Library yesterday! Thanks so much to everyone that joined us. Check out our website and like is on Facebook for news and announcements!

Game Day Tomorrow!

Join us tomorrow 8/27 at the Missoula Public Library for a free event open to all ages. We'll be in the Cooper Room from 10a-6p! Hope to see you there!

One week to Game Day!

Game Day is 1 week away and we're getting excited. I'm looking forward to a Game of Redneck Life! What's everyone else excited to play?

Summer Game Day is Coming!

Mark your calendars, MisCon Summer Game Day is in 1 month on 8/27. We'll be upstairs in the Cooper Room at the Missoula Public Library from 10a-6p. This is a free event open to all ages.

Missing it already!

It's been a week since we said goodbye to MisCon 36 and we're definitely missing it already, but we're also planning next year! Help us plan by giving us your feedback, we'd love to hear from everyone, attendees, pros, panelists, and merchants!