Missoula's Science Fiction & Fantasy Convention

MisCon 39: Hive of Scum and Villainy, May 23 - 26, 2025 Missoula, Montana

MisCon Announcements

MisCon 26

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MisCon 26 Announcements:

George R. R. Martin at MisCon
George R. R. Martin at MisCon

The 'Game of Thrones' author and his fans at the annual sci-fi and fantasy convention in Missoula, Montana.

Master of the Games: George R. R. Martin
Master of the Games: George R. R. Martin

The 'Game of Thrones' author signs body parts, reflects on Hollywood and trashes literary fiction at the MisCon for sci-fi and fantasy lovers

Hospitality at MisCon 26

At Hospitality, convention goers can purchase food and drink or just relax with friends. The menu includes a variety of beverages, snacks, candy, and heartier fare such as pizza and hot dogs. Be sure to stop by and say hi! Or, better yet, why not volunteer some time in the Hospitality Room?

Contest Winners

The two winners of this year's MisCon trivia contest, each of whom will receive a free membership and this year's t-shirt, are (drum roll) Tim Martin and Logan Jones. Ta Da!
Our winner for the "how many" aspect of this year's Jug O' Dice contest is Reid Jones. The actual number of dice in our jug is 144, and Reid guessed 157. Woot! Reid wins the other full set of dice, donated by Muse Comics.

MisCon Rules

We've gotta have 'em, you've gotta know 'em. All persons on the hotel grounds must either be paying hotel guests or convention attendees.An adult must accompany children under age 16 at all times, including during SpawnCon (children’s) activities. No exposed weapons (all weapons must be sheathed and peace-bonded). Questions? Please contact MisCon security and staff.

Get your geek on!

Join us for Geek Discussions at MisCon 2012. Discuss anything and everything related to science fiction, fantasy, or horror. This includes Opening and Closing Ceremonies and 2 kinds of panels: 1. Panelist led discussions of topics, and 2. Group discussions of topics. Come have fun talking about cool stuff.

Tentative Schedule Available for MisCon

Plan your weekend, but remember that times and rooms are subject to change. Check back often for updates and additional activities!

MisCon 26 Trivia Questions

If you didn't listen to all the MisCast episodes containing trivia questions, follow the link to a multiple choice version. You will have to be quick, the drawing is this Wednesday, May 23rd! Email your answers to chair@miscon.org for a chance to win a membership and t-shirt.

MisCon Registration Hours

MisCon 26 Registration Desk Hours of Operation:

Friday 10am - 7:30pm
Saturday 10am - 6:30pm
Sunday 10am - 5:30pm
Monday 10am - noon

After hours please see security.

Have a Favorite Panelist?

Check out the Stalker Schedule! (schedule by panelist)

Artists on Display in the Art Room

Be sure to check out all the great artists on display in the art room! Want to own a piece of art? Don't miss the Art Auction Saturday starting at 5p!

MisCon Hall Costume Contest

Nervous about parading through the formal costume pageant, but still want to dress up? Enter the MisCon Hall Costume Contest. Check in on Saturday and let us take your photo in costume. That's all. No pressure.

Merchants: Check Out Our Policies

Merchants, if you are unfamiliar with MisCon's merchant policies, check out them out.

Accessibility Requests

If you require a special accessibility at MisCon 26, please contact Justin Barba at ops@miscon.org

Costume Contest Registration

Don't forget to download your Costume Contest Entry form and fill it out. Costume contest entry forms are due by 6:00pm on May 26 to the costume desk.

Merchant's Room at MisCon 2012

This year some of our merchants include 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming, Muse Comics & Games, Optimystical Studios, and the Seattle Browncoats. Be sure to stop in and check out their wares, and don't forget to say hello! It's a great place to mingle with some of the best people in the business.

Who's Who at MisCon 2012

MisCon is lucky to have many published and recognized professionals attend each year. This year some of our pros of note include: Patty Briggs, C.J. Cherryh, Lynne Taylor Fahnstalk, Kass McGann, Dragon Dronet, and J.A. Pitts.

Attending Artists 2012

Some of the artists who will be attending MisCon this year include Rob Carlos, Chuck Bordell, Lynne Taylor Fahnestalk, and Tiffany Toland-Scott.

MisCon at the Movies - 2012

The Carmike 10 in Missoula is again helping MisCon present an evening of geek entertainment. Get your geek on and join us for The Avengers or Dark Shadows. Pre-registration is required for MisCon at the Movies, so get your registration in today!

Jug O' Dice Product Winner!

Congratulations to Ruth Jones/Mailie for being the first to respond with "Naked Juice." She wins the "brand/product" aspect of this year's Jug O' Dice contest and, therefore, a full set of dice. Thank you again to Muse Comics for donating our prizes.

Pre-Registration Closes May 11 Or Sooner

This year we're limiting MisCon attendance at 1,000 attendees. And since Pre-Registration is climbing fast, we're closing it no later than May 11. If Pre-Reg continues to rise like it has been, we will close it sooner.

Returning Guests and Pros of Note

MisCon is lucky to have many guests return year after year. Be sure to check them out!

Film Festival Judges Needed

We need test subjects willing to be exposed to some of the most weird, wonderful and brief films being made in this or any other world.

If you're interested and can be at Ruby's Inn and Convention Center in Missoula on May 6 from 10am - 3pm, email Jon Caro at filmfestival@miscon.org

Calling All Bras!
Calling All Bras!

Decorate a bra to enter the second annual MisCon Embellished Bra Contest. Entry is $10 per bra, and the best bra (as voted by MisCon attendees) wins half the pot!

The 2012 MisCon Jug O' Dice Contest
The 2012 MisCon Jug O' Dice Contest

We just got our dice donation from Chessex, so I stripped the label off this jug and filled it with dice. One again, we will be giving away two full sets of polyhedral dice, donated by Muse Comics.

Unveiling the position of High Cultist!

Our volunteers are an important part of what makes MisCon a wonderful event. To acknowledge the dedicated work of our devoted volunteers the new position of High Cultist has been created. Not for the faint of heart, a High Cultist is the most serious of the volunteers. These individuals take on more hours and responsibility. They also reap greater rewards.

Another Overflow Hotel added

The Traveler's Inn, across Reserve Street from Ruby's, is also offering MisCon rates ($65-$75). Give them a call today: (406) 728-8330.

Traveler's Inn Missoula
4850 North Reserve Street
Missoula, MT 59808
(406) 728-8330

Donate to Help MisCon

Your generous donations help MisCon from year to year. This year donations are being used to help getting the Iron Throne to MisCon 26 for everyone's enjoyment!

Overflow Hotels

Ruby's is booked, but we have 3 additional overflow hotels available. The Hampton Inn, the AmericInn, and the Courtyard by Marriott. Mention that you're attending the con and receive a special rate!

Hampton Inn:

AmericInn: http://www.americinn.com/hotels/MT/Missoula

Courtyard by Marriott:

How can you help with MisCon 26?

As in the past, MisCon is looking for a few good volunteers to help us at MisCon 26. Some of the areas you can volunteer for, include: Art, ConCom, Errands, GMing, Gaming, Hospitality, Merchants, Operations, and many more!

RPGs, LARPS, trading cards and more!

These and many more are available to play at MisCon 26. Register now!

Don't forget your Bra!
Don't forget your Bra!

The MisCon Embellished Bra contest is in its second year. Get a bra, decorate it, and register it on Friday at the Costume table. May the best bra win!

Order MisCon swag now!

Shirts, baseball hats, sweatshirts, badge holders, writer's workshop anthologies, and much, much more!

Pets Costuming

Don't forget there's a pets category for the MisCon costume contest. Dress up your critter and see who's the best disguised pet!

Writer's Workshop Critiquing Authors

Your manuscripts for the Writer's Workshop at MisCon 26 are being passed on to the critiquing authors for their review and comments. While we do not disclose which authors are critiquing which works ahead of time, you can take a look at our list of critiquers for this year and see which professionals have volunteered their time to help out.

Fight Demos at MisCon 2012

Learn how to use a rapier, German Longsword, a bow, or a foam boffer weapon. Panels include combat demos by the SCA, Dragon Dronet, Realms of Avalon, or Zombie Tools.

Running a Game at MisCon 2012?

If you are planning on running games at MisCon 26, please fill out the Volunteer form on the Volunteers Page. And while you're at it, check out other opportunities for volunteering!

MisCon At The Movies!

The Avengers and Dark Shadows

MisCon's Art Show not to be missed!

Successful and aspiring artists come together to display, show, and auction their art. MisCon sees art as its purest definition: Anything may be considered art. MisCon has never and will never restrict the type of art accepted for the art show and art auction. We do, however, request that all art be of a space, science fiction, fantasy, or alternative reality theme.

Film Festival Deadline Approaching.

If you would like to participate in this year's film festival, the deadline to submit your short film is April 18.

Want to Help Out With MisCon?

Volunteer and earn credit vouchers redeemable with Hospitality, MisCon Registration, or some merchants in our merchant's room (vouchers are never valid outside MisCon). Other compensation may include gifts such as games or new or used books. Exact amounts are at the discretion of the Volunteer Director, but typically are based upon hours worked: the first 4 hours earns $5, and each additional 2 hours adds $5 to the total.

Want to Meet Gaming Expert Kenneth Hite?

Now you can! Register to attend MisCon 2012 before it's too late!

Did you know MisCon has a Film Festival?

It's true! Be sure to submit your short film by April 18, 2012 to qualify.

Annual Costume Pageant

The annual MisCon costume pageant and costume contest is scheduled for 8pm Saturday during MisCon. Think about your coolest costume and join in the fun!

Want to Meet Rob Carlos?

Be sure to register for MisCon 2012! Day and Weekend Passes available!

Writer's Workshop Deadline Extended

The deadline to deliver your manuscripts for the MisCon 26 writer's workshop has been extended! Manuscripts are now due April 11, 2012.

Advertising deadline approaching

The deadline to reserve your space in the MisCon 26 program is April 4, 2012 (ads are due by April 18, 2012). Take advantage of this opportunity now!

Online Gaming Pre-Registration

If you are pre-registered for MisCon 26, and would like to pre-register for games, send an email to gamechair@miscon.org stating which games you would like to sign up for, and any questions you may have about the games. You can pre-reg for games in the Gaming section of the MisCon web site.

Manuscript Deadline Approaching

Today, March 26 is 17 days before the April 11, 2012 deadline for Writer's Workshop manuscripts to be received. Your three printed copies of your manuscript and your three copies of your cover letter need to be received no later than April 11 and should probably be in the mail today to insure they arrive in time.

Want to Meet George R.R. Martin?

Be sure to register to attend MisCon 2012 and you may have a chance!

MisCon's Young Artists Show

Spawn of staff and attendees are free to enter their art into the art show. Their work will be broken down into age group and category. The pieces will not be judged or critiqued, but may be auctioned off (if the artist wishes). A fun way for your little one to be involved in the convention! Details in the art show section of the MisCon web site.

Volunteers Needed!

MisCon is run by volunteers. In addition to the ConCom, volunteers are needed to help with various tasks related to the convention, from hospitality to the merchants room to set up and tear down. Want to help? Sign up now!

Game scheduling at MisCon 2012

If you want to run a game at MisCon 2012, please contact the game chair at gamechair@miscon.org. Early sign up not only gives you a better choice of times and tables, but MisCon will also promote your game on the gaming webpage.

Advertise at MisCon 2012!

We expect a great turn out at this year's MisCon 2012, so be sure to capitalize! Reserve your space in the MisCon 26 program by April 4, 2012 (ads are due by April 18, 2012).

Writer's Workshop Deadline Approaching

The deadline to turn in your manuscripts for the MisCon 26 Writer's Workshop is approaching quickly. Remember, manuscripts must be received by April 4, 2012

Merchant's Room is now full.

The merchant's room for MisCon 2012 is now full. Thank you to all those who applied!

Writer's Workshop Anthology

If you are submitting a manuscript to the Writer's Workshop this year, remember to let us know with your manuscript if you would prefer not to have your work included in the MisCon 26 Writer's Workshop Anthology.

Ruby's Inn is booked!

Rooms at Ruby's Inn are completely booked for the MisCon weekend. But don't fret, there are rooms available at the Hampton Inn, right next door. If you are booking a room at the Hampton, or have already booked a room at the Hampton, please let them know you are there for MisCon to get your discounted rate.

Hampton Inn:
4805 North Reserve Street
Missoula, MT 59808
Phone: 406-549-1800

Enter Your Short Film Now!

Have a Short Film? Enter it into MisCon's Film Festival! In addition to online and print publicity, the selected film will win 2 free passes to MisCon! Check out the submission guidelines in the Film Festival section of the MisCon web site.

Register Now for MisCon 2012!

Guests of Honor Include George RR Martin, Kenneth Hite, and Rob Carlos! Day and Weekend Passes Available. Adult Day Pass $20. Adult Weekend Pass $40. Children Ages 7-12 Day Pass $10. Children Ages 7-12 Weekend Pass $15. Kids 7 and Under are free.

Have Art You Want Displayed at MisCon?

Have your art viewed and purchased by attendees of MisCon 26 by submitting it to the MisCon Art Show. Rules and Submission Guidelines available in the art section of the MisCon web site.

Artist Rob Carlos is coming to MisCon!

With the unfortunate passing of Darrell K Sweet, Rob Carlos has agreed to step up and fill the role of Artist Guest of Honor for MisCon 26. An artist to the core, Carlos is perhaps best known for his work on the Robert Jordan Wheel of Time series.

Now Accepting Merchant Applications!

Reserve your table now! Complete the merchant's application form and return with payment! 

Writer's Workshop Guidelines

Manuscripts for the MisCon 26 Writer's Workshop should be no more than 4,000 words according to the MisCon Writer's Workshop Guidelines. Submissions in excess of 16 pages will be truncated to this length. Remember to follow the Guidelines when submitting your work for the Writer's Workshop.

Program Book Advertising
Program Book Advertising

No one has purchased an ad for the program yet. Don't miss your chance to market your business to our unique audience for a really fair rate! Contact me with questions or fill an order form out if you're ready to be the first advertiser!

Call for Writers!

Join us at this year's MisCon Writer's Workshop! Have your writing critiqued by a group of writing professionals at MisCon 26. The cost is $15 (in addition to your MisCon membership) and manuscripts need to be received on or before April 4, 2012.

Hotel Rooms Filling Up!

This is the Official Word: Ruby's Inn has a couple rooms left for MisCon. The Hampton Inn is offering us a discounted rate (and is immediately adjacent to Ruby's), so if you still need a room, check them out.

Another Great Gameday

We had a good turn out, 45 people,
especially considering we almost canceled the Game Day when the storm hit Thursday.
Lots of old friends, and some new faces.

Games covered the gambit, RPGs, TCGs and Board Games.

Winter Game Day Tomorrow
Winter Game Day Tomorrow

The MisCon Winter Game Day is tomorrow, January 21, 2012 in the Education building on the University of Montana campus. Join us for a fun filled day of gaming!

ConCom Meeting Cancelled

The ConCom meeting scheduled for 7:00pm on January 18 is cancelled due to road and weather conditions. ConCom members are encouraged to collaborate as necessary via phone or email. We will meet again as scheduled February 1. Stay safe and stay warm.

Two Weeks to Game Day

The MisCon Quarterly Game Day is coming up in two weeks. We'll be in the Phyllis J. Washington Education Center at the University of Montana at 10:00am to start things up. See you there!

Less Than a Month to Game Day!
Less Than a Month to Game Day!

The MisCon Winter Game Day at the Phyllis J. Washington Education Center at the University of Montana is coming up in less than a month. Join us for a fun-filled day of gaming and socializing sponsored by the Missoula Roleplayer's Club. 10:00-10:00 on Saturday, January 21, 2012. Happy Solstice Everyone!

Merchant Room Application

The MisCon 26 Merchants Room is now taking applications. You can download the merchants room application and review the merchant room policies on our web site.

Get Your Games Together!

GMs and storytellers, if you want to run a role-playing scenario at the MisCon and Missoula Roleplayer's Club Winter Game Day on January 21. 2012, you probably want to be getting your scenario together. We look forward to seeing everyone there in January for all kinds of gaming!

Winter Game Day - Save the Date

Our next game day, the Winter Game Day, will be held Saturday, 21 January, 2012 at the Phyllis J. Washington Education Center at the University of Montana. These quarterly game days are sponsored by the Missoula Roleplayer's Club.

Fantastic Fall Game Day

The MisCon and Missoula Roleplayer's Club Fall Game Day on October 22 was a smashing success. The new venue was great, tons of people were there, games were played, videos were watched, and, apparently, a great deal of fun was had. More than 50 people, more than 20 games! We would like to thank the Education Center for the use of it's facilities. This was a great venue. See you all again for the Winter Game Day January 21, 2012.

Fall Game Day Tomorrow!
Fall Game Day Tomorrow!

The MisCon Fall Game Day sponsored by the Missoula Roleplayer's Club is tomorrow, October 22 in the Education building on the University of Montana campus. Join us for a fun filled day of gaming!

Fall Game Day in 2 Weeks!

The MisCon and Missoula Roleplayer's Club Fall Game Day is coming up in just two weeks. Contact the MisCon Game Chair or the Missoula Roleplayer's Club for more information or to see about getting your game scheduled!

The Sandbaggers Game Faire
The Sandbaggers Game Faire

The Sandbaggers Game Club of Great Falls, MT, is putting on a Game Faire at their club on October 7 and 8.

It's a FREE event, although donations are appreciated (and you can win prizes and swag, as well as buy Sandbagger Game Club t-shirts).

Their Guest of Honor this year is game designer John Goff, who will be running games as well as hanging out.

The club opens at noon on Friday October 7th, with most gaming beginning at 6 PM or after and going until whenever. The club opens again at noon on Saturday October 8th, with gaming lasting all day until the wee hours of Sunday morning.

You can check their game schedule on their website (which hopefully appears in this announcement). You can also RSVP or talk to other people attending on their Facebook page:


Quite a few MisCon people are driving over, so if you need a ride, you might be able to find one.

Hope to see you there!

Adopt-A-Highway Tomorrow

The 2011 highway cleanup is scheduled in place of our regular meeting September 7. We'll meet in the Muse Comics parking lot at 6:30 and move out from there. Bring gloves and garbage bags and help us keep Missoula clean!

MisCon Fall Game Day
MisCon Fall Game Day

Don't lose your MisCon gaming spirit! The Missoula Roleplayer's Club and MisCon are having our Fall Game Day on October 22. Join us at 10am on the University of Montana campus for a day of gaming and camaraderie. NOTE: The game day is in the Education Building this time, rather than in the UC...

Fall Game Day October 22
Fall Game Day October 22

The MisCon and Missoula Roleplayer's Club Fall Game Day is coming up October 22. Contact the MisCon Game Chair or the Missoula Roleplayer's Club for more information or to see about getting your game scheduled, and possibly listed on the MisCon web site.

Adopt-a-Highway 2011

We're planning our 2011 highway cleanup on September 7 at 6:30pm. Meet us at Muse Comics with gloves and garbage bags and join the fun!

Summer Game Day Success
Summer Game Day Success

The MisCon and Missoula Roleplayer's Club Summer 2011 game day on July 30 was another success! About 50 people showed up at the University of Montana in Missoula to play games and have fun. Remember, our next game day in October will be in the ED building on campus. Check the map for directions.

Summer Game Day Tomorrow!

The Missoula Roleplayer's Club and MisCon Summer Game Day is tomorrow, July 30. Fun starts at 10 Saturday morning and the University of Montana.

What's a MisCast?
What's a MisCast?

If you've been watching us on Facebook, you've probably seen teasers about podcasting from MisCon - and you've been waiting with baited breath, right? Well, maybe... Anyway, MisCast, the official MisCon podcast is finally here!

MisCon Summer Game Day

The MisCon summer game day is coming up in just two weeks! Join us for fun and games with the Missoula Roleplayer's Club on the University of Missoula campus.

Missoula Independent Cover Article
Missoula Independent Cover Article

We are your friends
A drag queen, squid, and a wolf on stilts all have a place at Montana's longest-running sci-fi convention

by Skylar Browning

MisCon Summer Game Day Coming Up

MisCon is again teaming up with the Missoula Roleplayer's Club to bring you a day of fun and games at the University of Montana. The Summer Game Day is scheduled for July 30 this year!

Record Attendance Again!

732 attendees, 19 pros and 3 GoHs

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