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MisCon 39: Hive of Scum and Villainy, May 23 - 26, 2025 Missoula, Montana

MisCon Announcements

MisCon 30

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MisCon 30 Announcements:

Calling all Costumers!

We have got some exciting news from our Costuming Department!

Last Call For Writer's Workshop!

Writer's Workshop deadline is tomorrow!

Last Week to Submit to Writer's Workshop

This is the last week to submit your manuscript for Writer's Workshop.

Writer's Workshop Deadline in 2 Weeks!

Only two more weeks to submit your content for MisCon's Writer's Workshop!

Steampunk-Flavored Noir
Steampunk-Flavored Noir

While you're working on costumes, panel ideas, and game scenarios, think about steampunk-flavored noir (noir-punk?), golden age comics, rebirth, re-invention, hardboiled detective stories, organized crime, and international spies. Maybe watch Casablanca, Sin City, the Incredibles, Indiana Jones, and read some Dick Tracy to get in the mood. We’re thinking of a gritty, noir-filled era ranging from very late steampunk to World War 2.

How to Get to the Wilma
How to Get to the Wilma

The Steampunk band Abney Park is playing at the Wilma Sunday, May 29, 2016, in conjunction with MisCon 30. The Wilma is just one block west of the Holiday Inn Downtown, so you can walk along Front Street and over or walk down Kiwanis Street and up the stairs!

Live Music at MisCon 30!
Live Music at MisCon 30!

Abney Park will be performing Sunday, May 29, 2016 at the Wilma in conjunction with MisCon 30. Opening for Abney Park are Marshall Catch and 20 Grand.

MisCon Spring Game Day 2016 Coming Soon!

MisCon Spring Game Day is right around the corner!

Where's MisCon 30?

MisCon has moved to the Holiday Inn Downtown Missoula. Right on the river, one block from the Wilma if you're familiar with downtown Missoula landmarks!

What is Abney Park?
What is Abney Park?

Abney Park is an American musical project, the life work of Robert Brown. Robert founded Abney Park over 20 years ago, and since then they've released 19 albums, three novels, a role playing gamed a board game, and a DVD.

MisCon Spring Game Day 2016

MisCon Spring Game Day 2016 coming soon to a location near you!

Merchant Applications Streaming In!

Merchant applications are streaming in - if you want to be considered for merchant space for MisCon 30, you need to get your applications in quickly!

Abney Park Tickets through Reg!
Abney Park Tickets through Reg!

Preregister for MisCon to get a discount on your Abney Park tickets! MisCon weekend pass holders get a discount on tickets for the concert, but you can get an even bigger discount by purchasing your tickets in advance when you pay for your preregistration through PayPal.

Abney Park?
Abney Park?

Abney Park will be performing at the Wilma in conjunction with MisCon 30.

MisCon 30 Merchant Application

The updated merchant map, pricing information, and application are now online at www.miscon.org

Winter Game Day 2016: A Smashing Success

Winter Game Day 2016 was a smashing success!

MisCon Winter Game Day 2016

It's a new year, which means another fun game day!

One More Week Until Fall Game Day

Only one week left until MisCon's Fall Game Day. Don't forget, this is an all day event for all ages that is completely free!

Fall Game Day 2015 Only a Month Away!

Mark your calendars for November 14th, because that means that Fall Game Day is only one month away!

MisCon is Moving Downtown

To put it plainly, we’ve outgrown Ruby’s, and are thrilled to announce that MisCon is moving downtown in 2016!

This isn’t to say that leaving Ruby’s isn’t bittersweet for us all. Of course it is. Everyone knows we love Ruby’s. They’ve done so many great things for MisCon over the past fifteen years, that we wish we didn’t have to leave. But as MisCon continues to grow, we’re putting an increasingly bigger burden on the hotel (by converting private rooms into programming, gaming, and merchant rooms and by filling every spare inch of the place with some sort of convention activity).

The more immediate problem this year is the massive loss of parking where Joker’s Wild (and the vacant lot beyond it) used to be. If we stayed at Ruby’s, we’d be forced to work out some kind of shuttle system. We don’t think a shuttle would be good for the convention.

We’re sad to leave Ruby’s, but we’re excited to bring MisCon to the Holiday Inn Missoula Downtown.

It sits in the heart of downtown Missoula along the Clark Fork River, adjacent to Bess Reed Park, Caras Park, a ton of great restaurants, bars, a couple distilleries, the university, the Hip Strip, and just about everything else that gives Missoula its fun and interesting vibe. We’re losing the creekside at Ruby’s, but we’re gaining a river.

Ruby’s has already cancelled all MisCon reservations, so you don’t need to call and cancel.

The Holiday Inn features 3 stories of rooms that wrap around a 5-storey indoor atrium. The atrium will be the central hub of the convention (with gaming tables, merchants, and a hangout area), so if you pick an atrium-facing room, you’ll have a small balcony and can see what’s happening.

Pre-Registration is Now Open!

Are you so excited for MisCon that you just need to register right this very instant? Well now you can! Just follow the link above this text to the registration page and you can get registered for MisCon 30.

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