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MisCon 19: Attack of the Killer B Movies (May 27 - 30, 2005)

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Attack of the Killer B Movies

BEGIN TRANSMISSION: I write this from the safety of a secure bunker. Above me I hear the distant thumping of some huge bug, robot or some other monstrosity. My official advice is for you to stay within the safe confines of Ruby's Inn and participate in various MisCon activities. Our combat demonstrations will give you zombie bashing skills, gaming will teach you tactics, our costume and make-up experts will help you blend in with THEM, should it become necessary when you to venture out for the Sunday barbeque. We'll teach you how to build spaceships and ray guns and our video room will give you the skills you will need to survive the onslaught of atomic horrors, giant bugs, werewolves, vampires, zombies, globs with eyeballs, and things from other dimensions. The huge squids are your friends of course-trust me.

Once this weekend is over you may go back to your normal lives, assuming you can handle The Mundane World after such an entertaining weekend among these wonderful and creative people. For now, let us entertain, educate and edify you with stories, art, and all sorts of creative goodness.

My heartfelt thanks to Dragon Dronet, Paul Lawrence and Mike Conrad, as well as our returning professionals, the MisCon planning committee and all you paying attendees for making MisCon possible. We've got tons of things to take your mind off the dangers rampaging about our fair town. We've got the writer's workshop, games aplenty, B-movies of course, merchants with everything from swords to music to books to games to jewelry. We've got readings from our author friends of their latest work, a masquerade, an art show and auction, science fiction "Jeopardy," impromptu art-all sorts of diversions. Security just reported to me that they have killed an enormous spider the size of Cleveland, so it looks like the barbeque's on.

Look, explore, inquire, make friends, have fun. Feel free to ask the staff and security any questions, for directions or for any other needs you may have. Please ensure you wear your identification badge prominently in all convention areas, otherwise security will think youíre a pod person. I appreciate Rubyís for sheltering us for the weekend, as we evacuate Missoula while all the giant terrors stomp about, breathe fire, shoot heat rays and generally cause chaos. Please donít hesitate to thank the hardworking hotel staff yourself. They do a lot for us and have provided us with a very comfy and welcoming home for MisCon. I thank you all for your dutiful attention. END TRANSMISSION.

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MisCon 19 Guests of Honor

  • Mike Conrad
  • Dragon Dronet
    Special Media Guest
    Dragon Dronet
  • Paul Lawrence

Attending Professionals and Panelists

  • Chuck Bordell
  • Patricia Briggs
  • Mike Conrad
  • John Dalmas
  • Dragon Dronet
  • Diana Pharaoh Francis
  • James Glass
  • Paul Lawrence
  • Vicki Mitchell
  • Robin Walker
  • Parris ja Young

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