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MisCon 39: Hive of Scum and Villainy, May 23 - 26, 2025 Missoula, Montana

MisCon 38: the Dark Forest (May 24 - 27, 2024)

MisCons Past

Laughter through the trees, rustling leaves, then silence.

Was it a goblin? A korok? Totoro?

Mist clings to the ruins of a cottage built of gingerbread and decorated with candy, making the sun an almost-forgotten memory. It's safe enough here, I think, if the oven isn’t lit.

You’d never know this used to be a convention hotel with a nice normal park behind it.

I still remember the time before the fairies returned to claim MisCon, when sunlight was bright, days were long, and bargains didn't involve love and blood and firstborn children. Things made sense then, before trees sprouted up everywhere, twilight crept in, and geese started laying golden eggs.

Now, sprouted implies youth, but this wandering wood is ancient, much like its residents who lurk among the gnarled trunks and shiny toadstools, watching, waiting for opportunities to draw you away from the convention.

Many are friendly to humans, of course, especially MisCon attendees, but don't go getting lost down an unfamiliar leafy path. You never know what kind of strangers you’ll meet.

Why, just yesterday a rude Githyanki strode up babbling about a mind flayer ship, demanding if I knew anything about some sort of missing artifact. I told her I most certainly did not, but I gave her one of the special apples I brewed up for my pesky step-daughter.

Fairest in the land? Yuck.

Say, you haven’t seen a spoiled princess around here, have you? High-pitched screechy singing voice, really nasal? Loves birds and squirrels and fraternizes with dwarves?

Bah, nevermind. I’ll find her.

Is that a flute in the distance? An ocarina?

Over the years, MisCon has been plagued by zombies, became a ruined wasteland, ascended to the future, lost all its heroes, and leveled up. It’s been filled with doors to many times and places. Once it became a fairy tale that attracted none other than George R.R. Martin, one of the greatest wizards of our age.

This year, let's explore our fascination with forests, whether they’re deciduous, coniferous, bamboo, or fungal. They’re usually murky or forgotten. Many are enchanted refuges home to elven choirs, dwarf cottages, and unicorns, but they’re also haunted, dangerous places full of tengu, big bad wolves, dark magics, and bewitching glades.

Why do we love forests so much? Is it mere escapism or is it deeper than that? While you work on costumes, panel ideas, and game scenarios, think about classic fairy tales, fantasy epics, and things that lurk in the woods.

Will you dress as Hestu, a druid, or a gnomish mushroom seller? How about a simple woodcutter? Treebeard? Inosuke, King of the Mountain?

Work on your cosplay and prepare for the Moonlight Ball on Friday night. King Oberon promises it will outshine anything Queen Titania has planned. Even Princess Mononoke said she'd attend, and she's not much of one for parties.

If you're old enough, attend the Mead Tasting (or the Sake Tasting or the Whiskey Tasting).

As you wander around MisCon 38's Dark Forest, don't accept gifts from strangers, and be careful what you eat or drink (unless you got it from one of our food trucks parked in the glade outside).
Watch LOTR, Grimm, Princess Mononoke, Game of Thrones, Totoro, and read some fantasy and fairy tales to get in the mood. There are mysterious forests in just about every story, so it shouldn't be hard.

Even though we’re going forest-themed this year, you can still put on Mandalorian armor, become Space Ghost, a cyberpunk, or the Staypuft Marshmallow man. Or don't wear any costume at all (I mean, wear clothes and follow our dress code, but regardless of what you look like, let your geek flag fly).

Oh, and please leave your basket of poisoned apples at home.

MisCon 38 Programming

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MisCon 38 Gaming

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MisCon 38 Guests of Honor

  • Stan! Brown
    Gaming Guest of Honor
    Stan! Brown
  • Paul Jenkins
    Special Guest of Honor
    Paul Jenkins
  • Nina Kiriki Hoffman
    Author Guest of Honor
    Nina Kiriki Hoffman
  • Cait May
    Artist Guest of Honor
    Cait May
  • Steven K Smith
    Cosplay Guest of Honor
    Steven K Smith
  • Jeff Grubb
    Gaming Guest of Honor
    Jeff Grubb

MisCon 38 Featured Professionals

  • Jeff Sturgeon
    Jeff Sturgeon
  • Todd Lockwood
    Todd Lockwood
  • Jim Wright
    Jim Wright
  • Cosplaimee
  • David Gerrold
    David Gerrold
  • Dragon Dronet
    Hollywood Special Effects Designer
    Dragon Dronet

Attending Professionals and Panelists

  • Cheeky Geeky Vaudeville
  • Cosplaimee
  • Dark Moon Fusion
  • Kid's Activities Staff
  • MisCon Electronic Gaming
  • Valhalla's Workbench
  • Zufechten Fencing Club
  • Elies Adams
  • BJ Allen-Prudden
  • Brian Alterowitz
  • Aaron Anguiano
  • Lynn Bailey
  • John Barba
  • Justin Barba
  • Mary Beth Barba
  • Chris Blazer
  • Andrea BoguschPerkins
  • Kathy Bond
  • LJ Bonham
  • M. H. Bonham
  • David Boop
  • Nicholas Brouillard
  • Stan! Brown
  • Michael Brugger
  • Jean Carlos
  • Rob Carlos
  • Brenda Carre
  • Becky Cass
  • Court Cathers
  • Jinx Chadwick
  • Echo Chernik
  • C E Chester
  • Clay Cooper
  • Katie Cross
  • Laramie Dean
  • Jayel Draco
  • Dragon Dronet
  • Tyler Dwernychuk
  • Shane Edington
  • Eva Elasigue
  • Kyle Elliott
  • Erik Evjen
  • Deby Fredericks
  • Manny Frishberg
  • Julie Frost
  • Jessica Fuerst
  • David Gerrold
  • Gail Glass
  • James Glass
  • Thomas Gondolfi
  • Tony Gregori
  • Robert Grey
  • Desirée Greystone
  • Lynsey Griswold
  • Jeff Grubb
  • Scott Guyant
  • Valerie Guyant
  • Glen Hammer
  • Rhiannon Held
  • Lizzy D. Hill
  • Michael Hodges
  • Meradeth Houston
  • Andrea Howe
  • Luke Hutson
  • Kurt Jagielow
  • Stephanie Jagielow
  • Cassie Jangula
  • Paul Jenkins
  • GS Jennsen
  • Esther Jones
  • Frog Jones
  • James Jones
  • MaryAlice Jones
  • Sir. James Jones
  • Kevin Kauffmann
  • Nina Kiriki Hoffman
  • Sanan Kolva
  • Cheyenna Krone
  • JM Landels
  • Tess Langston
  • Lauren Larios
  • Rebekah Leib
  • Todd Lockwood
  • John Logan
  • Yaga Malark
  • Joseph Malik
  • Alexandra Martyn
  • Patty Mascia
  • Phil Mascia
  • Cait May
  • Tod McCoy
  • F.R. "Diz" McNeil
  • Danith McPherson
  • Rachel Miller
  • Theresa Miller
  • Andrew Milzarski
  • John D. Nilles
  • Gwendolyn Nix
  • Erika Noble
  • Dakota Nyght
  • Lily Oliver
  • Katie Pak
  • Joshua Pate-Terry
  • Cale Patenaude
  • Randy Pepprock
  • Sean Ricks
  • Jason Rocheleau
  • Kelsey Rocheleau
  • Nikki Rossignol McCoy
  • Jani Rounds
  • Meagan Scruggs
  • Elizabeth Shaw
  • Candi Lyn Siemens
  • Dave Smeds
  • Earl Smith
  • Steven K Smith
  • D.L. Solum
  • Raye Squires
  • Lee Stahl
  • Jeff Sturgeon
  • William Sutton
  • Patrick Swenson
  • Gregory Swensrud
  • Zootown Tea
  • G.R. Theron
  • Tiffany Toland-Scott
  • Brittany Torres
  • Jason Tupeck
  • Noah Visscher
  • Peter Wacks
  • Katie Wahler
  • Hunter Kay Wallace
  • Krista Wallace
  • Dean Wells
  • Josh Wendt
  • Walter Wiese
  • Danica Winters
  • Jim Wright
  • Lacy Zee

MisCon 38 Attending Game Masters and Storytellers

  • Black Shield Productions
  • Unforgiven Productions
  • Norma Barrett
  • Michael Bilker
  • Edward Brush
  • Corbin Hampton
  • Sierra Dawn Holt
  • Luke Hutson
  • Dean Keith
  • Spencer Kim
  • Kelly Kluckman
  • Jason Kopp
  • Matt McCa?
  • J.W. McRae
  • Lucas Moody
  • Cassondra O
  • Katie Pak
  • Frank Pruett
  • Sean Ricks
  • Greg Schneider
  • Geoff Seim
  • Doug Stobie
  • Jeremiah Supon
  • Clara T
  • Derek Watts
  • Elisa Westcrook
  • John Winckler

MisCon 38 Attending Merchants

  • Alice's Steampunk Emporium (Table 12)
  • Cuttlefish Custom (Table 13)Cuttlefish Custom
  • Dunder's Dice and Such (Table 21)Dunder's Dice and Such
  • Echo Chernik and Cat Chernik (Tables 15, 16)Echo Chernik and Cat Chernik
  • Geek Lolita (Tables 27, 28)Geek Lolita
  • Kellys Comics & Gamers Portal (Tables 9, 10)Kellys Comics & Gamers Portal
  • Kimonos & Jewelry (Tables 6, 7)
  • LorraineFire Artwork (Table 11)LorraineFire Artwork
  • Muse Comics & Games (Table 19)
  • Nemesis Gear (Tables 1, 2)
  • Oneshi Press (Table 32)
  • Order and Chaos Designs (Table 5)Order and Chaos Designs
  • Owlery Wand Shoppe (Table 17)Owlery Wand Shoppe
  • Sinister Metalworks (Table 20)Sinister Metalworks

MisCon 38 Merchant Room Map

the Dark Forest Merchants Map

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