Missoula's Science Fiction & Fantasy Convention

MisCon 38: the Dark Forest, May 24 - 27, 2024 Missoula, Montana

Silent Art Auction

With each piece on display in the MisCon art show, there is a bid sheet that gives information about the piece. This sheet will tell you a starting bid amount (lower bids will not be accepted) and a direct sale price. In order to keep things fair the direct sale price is only available when there are no other bids on the sheet.

# Bids in the Silent Auction Result
Direct Sale with 0 bids Sold to Direct Sale buyer
0 bids May go to Live Auction*
1 bid Sold to that bidder
2 bids Sold to higher bidder
3 bids Goes to Live Auction

* Pieces that have a minimum bid of $350 or more will be left in art room due to liability issues.

Live Art Auction

The Live Auction is held on Sunday night. Due to amount of art the art show loses early for break down and set up. Only art auction volunteers and MisCon staff will be allowed in the art room or auction room during this time.

For the live auction, paddles will be given out to the auction patrons for bidding. We do ask if you have won a piece to keep your paddle up and give the art staff your badge number. The patron will be responsible for all pieces won under their badge number.

While you may pick-up and pay for your pieces after the live auction we request that you have patience with our art team, we will do our best to check you through our line as quickly as possible.

We request the art only be handled by our art team, to ensure no mix-ups. Any art left in the auction hall after all patrons have left will be taken back to the art room and may be picked up the following morning.


Direct sale art being purchased is required to be paid for at the time. Payment for live auction items is due by the end of the convention unless prior arrangements have been made with approval. Receipts shall be available upon request.

Picking Up Your Art

We wish to display art as long as possible to provide the best experience for our many MisCon members and to allow for the best exposure for our contributing artists.

Art won in the live auction may be paid for after the live auction in the auction room. Art can be picked up Monday in the art room.

Art won in the silent auction can be picked up and paid for in the art room any time on Monday.

If you have any questions .