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MisCon 37: Monster Mash-up, May 26 - 29, 2023 Missoula, Montana

Current BattleTech: Alpha Strike Gaming Schedule

MisCon 37

These tables show the current schedule of BattleTech: Alpha Strike for MisCon 37, with the scheduled games in their time slots and listed for each table that that game is using. Only tables where that game is being played will be shown each day.

For centuries, the armies of the Great Houses have fought to reclaim the glory of the fallen Star League, sending regiments of their elite MechWarriors into battle across hundreds of worlds as humanity slid inexorably toward a new Dark Age. The coming of the Clans—descendants of the lost Star League army—did little to stem the slaughter. It only raised the stakes. Alpha Strike is a new, fast-playing form of the BattleTech game of futuristic, armored combat. Developed for the modern tabletop miniatures wargamer, this book brings players the ability to wage war on land, sea, and air using the Quick-Strike game system first devised for truly large-scale play, re-scaled to the tactical level of “classic” BattleTech. Complete with sample armies and a ready-to-play campaign system, all you need besides this book are dice, miniatures, and tabletop terrain to fight for control over the Inner Sphere on land, sea, and air—one world at a time!

To help you find what you're interested in more quickly, games are color coded: BG (Board Game), (Computer Games), EG (Electronic Gaming), HBG (Hotel Bar Game), LARP (Live-Action Role-Playing), OG (Open Gaming), Other (Other), Paint (Painting), RPG (Role-Playing Games), TCG (Trading Card Game), and WG (Wargame)

Friday Gaming

May 26, 16:00 May 26, 17:00
No BattleTech: Alpha Strike scheduled for Friday.

Saturday Gaming

May 27, 09:00 May 27, 10:00 May 27, 11:00 May 27, 12:00 May 27, 13:00 May 27, 14:00 May 27, 15:00 May 27, 16:00 May 27, 17:00 May 27, 18:00 May 27, 19:00 May 27, 20:00 May 27, 21:00
No BattleTech: Alpha Strike scheduled for Saturday.

Sunday Gaming

May 28, 10:00 May 28, 11:00 May 28, 12:00 May 28, 13:00 May 28, 14:00 May 28, 15:00 May 28, 16:00 May 28, 17:00 May 28, 18:00 May 28, 19:00 May 28, 20:00 May 28, 21:00
No BattleTech: Alpha Strike scheduled for Sunday.

Monday Gaming

May 29, 15:00
No BattleTech: Alpha Strike scheduled for Monday.