Missoula's Science Fiction & Fantasy Convention

MisCon 36: Carnival of Wonders, May 27 - 30, 2022 Missoula, Montana

Peter Wacks (pjwacks)

MisCon 36 Attending Professional

Peter J Wacks has always been amazed and fascinated by both writing and the absurdity of the world in general. Peter writes a lot, and will continue to do so till the day he dies. Possibly beyond.

A full list of Peter's in-print publications can be found at: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B002BMOTJI

Peter has been publishing short stories since 1993, game story-lines since 2002, and novels since 2008. His first novel, Second Paradigm, landed him several speaking engagements on the topic of how to write time travel and true nonlinear stories. He is currently playing in the Steampunk sandbox as a writer at, and Art Director of, a creative studio at www.FairyPunkStories.com.

This year he is a finalist for the Bram Stoker Award for his first Graphic Novel, 'Behind These Eyes.'

Scheduled Panels and Presentations:

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  • panel Fri 5:00 - 5:50 PM, Go Bump in the Night, Dragon Pavilion (1)
    Moderator: Kyle Elliott (Big Kyle); Panelists: Patricia Briggs, James Glass, Charlaine Harris, Peter Wacks (pjwacks)

    By the light of day, let's discuss things that go bump in the night. The mysterious. The unknown. Secretive things that lurk in the dark. Why are we fascinated with ghoulies and ghosties and other sneaky denizens of the night? Lets delve into the origins of fables, folk tale, and history to bring to the surface the theory of origins for various troupes and classic stories that have come to make up our modern day mythos of things that lurk just beyond the meniscus of light.

  • Break Fri 5:50 - Sat 11:00
  • panel Sat 11:00 - 12:50 PM, First Page Idol a.k.a. Live Action Slush Pile, Ballroom B
    Panelists: Tod McCoy, Patrick Swenson, Peter Wacks (pjwacks), Clare Wood

    Join us for MisCon's annual First Page Idol! Here's how it works: Hand in the FIRST PAGE of your story at the start of the panel. Pages will be randomly chosen and read aloud. Our panelists will indicate when, had the submission come across their desk, they'd stop reading and tell us why. Submissions will be anonymous and will not be returned. (All submissions may not be read).

  • panel Sat 1:00 - 1:50 PM, Cthulhu Bingo!, Ballroom B
    Panelists: Frog Jones, Peter Wacks (pjwacks)

    Author Peter Wacks reads from his reference-packed story in the upcoming Cthulhu Fhcon anthology--and each reference marks off a bingo square. Get bingo, and eldritch prizes might be yours!

  • Break Sat 1:50 - Sat 4:00
  • panel Sat 4:00 - 4:50 PM, Visual Storytelling, Dragon Pavilion (1)
    Panelists: Tess Langston, Peter Wacks (pjwacks)

    Comics, Storyboarding, and Animatics. Let's discuss how to tell stories through pictures.

  • Break Sat 4:50 - Sun Noon
  • panel Sun Noon - 12:50 PM, Deconstructing the Hero's Journey, Monster Tent (1)
    Moderator: Dean Wells; Panelists: Esther Jones, D.L Solum, Peter Wacks (pjwacks), Dean Wells

    The Hero’s Journey is a metaphor for the human experience. In this presentation we will explore each stage of the Hero's Journey and examine its roots in Jungian archetype and the collective unconscious.

  • panel Sun 1:00 - 1:50 PM, Structuring Your Novel, Monster Tent (1)
    Panelists: Carol Berg, Patricia Briggs, Danith McPherson, Peter Wacks (pjwacks)

    There are as many ways to outline a book as there are books, but the structure of stories stays the same. In this panel we’ll cover the basic structure of stories, as well as offer resources to help you learn & perfect your own story’s structure. What are some books out there that will help you learn? What about other resources?

  • Break Sun 1:50 - Sun 3:00
  • panel Sun 3:00 - 3:50 PM, Trickster: Scoundrel, or Hero?, Dragon Pavilion (1)
    Moderator: Kyle Elliott (Big Kyle); Panelists: Patricia Briggs, Kyle Elliott (Big Kyle), Charlaine Harris, Peter Wacks (pjwacks)

    Stealing our hearts, and often igniting our anger, the rogues, scoundrels, and tricksters of our stories can be beloved one moment and despised the next.

    How do we define these characters whose motives are as obscured as the lines of morality and social contracts they dance around? Why are we fascinated with these archetypes?

  • Break Sun 3:50 - Sun 6:00
  • panel Sun 6:00 - 6:50 PM, Pop Culture Perversion: The Carnie Life, Monster Tent (1)
    Panelists: Kyle Elliott (Big Kyle), Peter Wacks (pjwacks)

    Let's examine the carnie life, its roots, why it ended up where it is, and how it has become a part of the zietgiest of our culture. Join in as we dig into "The Carnie Life" and examine where our modern day myths started!