Missoula's Science Fiction & Fantasy Convention

MisCon 34: Carnival of Wonders, May 22 - 25, 2020 Missoula, Montana

Sir. James Jones (Sir .James)

MisCon 34 Attending Professional

Butte Magic provides magic shows, side-shows, and variety style entertainment to all of Montana and the surrounding area.

Together with our sister company, Sound Geeks DJ and Sound, the Butte Magic team is dedicated to providing top quality shows and jaw dropping feats! We perform at private parties, corporate events, fundraisers, and just about anywhere our talents are appreciated.

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Sir James (Sir James the Magnificent comes from a family with long lineage of magic, stage performance, and travelling acts. With the S.C.A. for a classroom, sword fighting parents, and a belly-dancing older sister, James was fated to be in show business from the moment he was born. As a young man, James assisted the renowned magician, Jaxon the Illusionist, and learned a good portion of stage magic as the magician toured the country.
After, James set out on his own to pursue education in the more technical aspects of performance, taking him across the world and back, on-stage and off-stage, spanning four years on the radio, and eventually leading to the founding of his own D.J and audio engineering company, which provides entertainment and support to everything from weddings to musical bands and live performances, as well as technical support for PA systems and audio/video equipment all over the country.
An accomplished magician with the gift of blarney, James is also available to provide musical entertainment, staging, and lighting for parties and events.
Sir James is also active member the Montana cosplay Association and is currently the active president of the Butte and southwest Montana steampunk Society

Sound Geeks is proud to provide the foremost in sound, lighting, PA systems, live DJs, performers, gear rental, and technical support.

Butte Magic provides magic shows, side-shows, and variety style entertainment to all of Montana and the surrounding area.

Check us out online, at


Web site: http://buttemagic.com

Sir. James Jones is not yet scheduled for any programming.