Missoula's Science Fiction & Fantasy Convention

MisCon 38: the Dark Forest, May 24 - 27, 2024 Missoula, Montana

G.R. Theron

MisCon 38 Panel Volunteer

G.R. Theron is a Pacific Northwest based author and member of the Mythopoeic Society. He graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Ancient History and Classical Studies. His first short story, The Murder of Derek Volynsky, found in Well It’s your Cow: An Anecdotal Anthology by Impulsive Walrus Press, 2018. His short story, Blood and Ashes, was a 2021 Baen Fantasy Adventure Award Finalist. He is the co-author of the Tales from the Cockerel’s Fist, a comic coming in 2022.

He cherishes the best writing advice he ever received from his grandfather; the truth should never get in the way of a good story.

Scheduled Panels and Presentations:

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  • panel Fri 2:00 - 2:50 PM, Spotlight: Frishburg, Theron, Wallace, Spotlight
    Panelists: Manny Frishberg, G.R. Theron, Hunter Kay Wallace

    Meet a few of our authors, get signatures, and see what they're up to these days.

  • panel Fri 3:00 - 3:50 PM, Informal Author Meet & Greet, Dragon Pavilion (1)
    Moderator: Justin Barba; Panelists: Justin Barba, LJ Bonham, M. H. Bonham (Maggie), David Boop, Stan! Brown, Brenda Carre, C E Chester, Katie Cross, Jayel Draco, Eva Elasigue, Deby Fredericks, Manny Frishberg, Julie Frost, David Gerrold, James Glass, Thomas Gondolfi, Lynsey Griswold, Jeff Grubb, Rhiannon Held, Michael Hodges, Meradeth Houston, Andrea Howe, Paul Jenkins, GS Jennsen, Esther Jones, Frog Jones, Kevin Kauffmann, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Sanan Kolva, JM Landels (Jen), Tess Langston, Todd Lockwood, Joseph Malik, Tod McCoy, Danith McPherson, Theresa Miller, Gwendolyn Nix, Dakota Nyght, Candi Lyn Siemens, Dave Smeds, D.L. Solum, Patrick Swenson, G.R. Theron, Peter Wacks (pjwacks), Hunter Kay Wallace, Krista Wallace, Dean Wells, Walter Wiese, Danica Winters

    Join us for an informal meet & greet/hangout with a bunch of MisCon's writers and editors. This isn't a formal panel with panelists up on the stage discussing a topic. Instead, everyone will grab chairs in the pavilion, and the moderator will get things going. Then we'll open things up so small group hangouts can happen until the end of the hour. This is your chance to informally meet a bunch of the people you'll see on panels all weekend.

  • moderator Fri 4:00 - 4:50 PM, Crafting Starts (Writing 201), Rocket Tent (3)
    Moderator: G.R. Theron; Panelists: Brenda Carre, G.R. Theron, Peter Wacks (pjwacks), Dean Wells

    Dive into the unique elements that define the beginning of stories. Our authors will guide you in identifying these crucial components and demonstrate practical ways to apply them to your own work.

  • Break Fri 4:50 - Sat Noon
  • moderator Sat Noon - 12:50 PM, Crafting Compelling Middles (Writing 202), Dragon Pavilion (1)
    Moderator: G.R. Theron; Panelists: Brenda Carre, G.R. Theron, Dean Wells

    You've set the stage, but what comes next? Join our authors in exploring the complexities of the novel middle and how to expand on your story's foundations by analyzing successful examples and how to integrate these insights into your own writing.

  • Break Sat 12:50 - Sat 4:00
  • moderator Sat 4:00 - 5:50 PM, Northwest Speculative Reading Series: MisCon Version, The Hollow
    Moderator: G.R. Theron; Panelists: Brenda Carre, Katie Cross, Frog Jones, Tod McCoy, Nikki Rossignol McCoy, G.R. Theron, Hunter Kay Wallace, Dean Wells

    Join Northwest Speculative, a regional SF/F reading series, to engage with a dynamic group of authors for a reading event followed by a period of Q&A.

  • Break Sat 5:50 - Sun 3:00
  • moderator Sun 3:00 - 3:50 PM, Crafting Memorable Ends (Writing 203), Fairy Tent (4)
    Moderator: G.R. Theron; Panelists: Brenda Carre, G.R. Theron, Dean Wells, Danica Winters

    The finale is in sight, and it's time to stick the landing. Discover the art of concluding tales as our authors share their thoughts on impactful endings, the qualities that tie up story and theme threads, and practical ideas to enhance the conclusion of your own work.

  • panel Sun 4:00 - 4:50 PM, Forest Creatures, Poetry, Art, and Prose, Rocket Tent (3)
    Panelists: Tod McCoy, Nikki Rossignol McCoy, G.R. Theron

    Dark forests are allegedly filled with creatures of all kinds. Whether that's true or not, forest inspire us to create art of all kinds, from poetry, to painting, to sketches, to prose.