Missoula's Science Fiction & Fantasy Convention

MisCon 37: Monster Mash-up, May 26 - 29, 2023 Missoula, Montana

Party! Guests, Pros, and Panelists

MisCon 37

MisCon, RadCon, SpoCon, the Sandbaggers, Dark Dreams, and the SCA hold late-night room parties throughout the convention. These are adult events as alcohol is served at most of them, so kids are not allowed and IDs are checked at each event.

James Hayes
James Hayes

My name is James Hayes I have participated in many types of "Conventions" for many years. I am very diverse and have many interests. Growing up I heard the saying "Time is Money" and I had way more time than money so I taught myself to do many things. Here's a small list; Juggling, Drumming, Cosplay, Sausage making, Brewing, Riddles, Poetry, Filking, Jewelry making and the list goes on and on. (if you want to know ask , I'll bore you for hours)I am a Master Brewer and have moderated panels on Brewing Cosplay, and Riddles as well as Drumming and Juggling for about ten years now. Before that I was in the S.C.A. for twenty years and before that the I.J.A. ( International Juggling

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